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Damento Juggling Festival

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I’m not a juggler. Never even been to a juggling show until Saturday night when I attended the Damento Juggling Festival held at George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science Auditorium in Rancho Cordova.

Even Mayor Robert McGarvey was there and had the honor of ‘throwing’ the first juggling thingee. (I really don’t know juggling terms.)

The show was packed with adults and kids. A couple huge air balls were being batted up and around the room before the show started.

I had been wondering what in the heck Damento was supposed to mean. As I sat there I noticed the sign above the stage. It showed:

"Damento • Davis / Sacramento Jugglers".

All of a sudden my brain got it!        DAvis /sacraMENTO.

I was unable to identify each act, so not everyone’s name is included with their photos. They were all excellent performers and funny by using their expressions.

Here’s some snapshots:

Kyle Johnson

Chris Garcia (above and below).

Thom Wall

Bri Crabtree

This guy didn’t juggle. He had an audience member strap him tightly into a straight jacket. Five men hoisted him atop his tall unicycle. First time I’d seen someone break out of a straight jacket.

After straining inside the jacket, he showed us he had one hand free from the right sleeve.

That free hand was able to undo two stapped buckles on his back.


Jeremiah Johnston

Two brothers who performed a hilarious act from start to finish.

After many tries the younger brother launched a ball from his mouth into the tuba.

This tightrope juggler was not part of the show but had been involved in the free  workshops and open juggling that were available Fri., Sat., and Sun.

Damento is a not-for-profit juggling club. Basically, they are a group of folks who like to juggle… they get together in Davis and in Sacramento to throw things up in the air and at each other. Check it out HERE>>>

SacPress Photos | Kati Garner

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