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Sinbad, the man with his own unique style of comedy, had the packed house at Thunder Valley Resort laughing for an hour and a half Friday night. Sinbad, who has years of stand-up comedy, television and film roles under his belt, made sure the audience knew that being back on the stage was where he belonged.

Sinbad’s stand-up show features stories more than jokes and is largely based on everyone he meets, everything he’s seen and everything he does. Many jokes take unique and hilarious turns as he works them out in his head. Sometimes a joke starts to stagnate just a little and ‘wham’ he pulls a funny face or an appropriate line out of the hat and it soars once again.

Many of the evening’s jokes hit on hot topics: President Obama, the recession, relationships, race and family. However, he also asks the audience, “What can I answer for you?” This question was a way for people to throw a question out and get an impromptu, and often hilarious, response from Sinbad. It was a genuine way for a comic to show just how quick they are on their feet and let the audience know that most of the routine is not planned.

One of the surprising elements of Sinbad’s show was his lack of foul language. Not only was the show clean, it very easily could have been attended by a teenage audience. This type of comedy is rare today and was a refreshing change from other venues and comedians. However, it should be noted that he never gave anything up by not using foul language. Instead, the innuendoes became something the audience worked-on in their own head; this seemed to make many laugh even harder.

Overall it was a fun night with a comedian who is making his way back into the spotlight. The stage is someplace he feels comfortable. As comedians go, he is once again a must see.

Marc McLaughlin
is a contributing writer and photographer for the Sacramento Press.

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