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Drag Queen Bingo

On every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, a special event takes place at Hamburger Patties. People gather to have dinner and drinks. Some of these same people make it a point to be here on both the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. They all show up to play bingo.

This is not your father’s bingo, oh no, this is Drag Queen Bingo! At around 7 p.m. patrons purchase bingo cards from the front and get ready for Drag Queen Bingo (DQB). A series of games are played and most of the people at Hamburger Patties are here just for that reason (and drinks of course).

Each bingo event supports a charity. This Wednesday’s charity that benefitted from the games was the Vasculitis Foundation (VF). Vasculitis is an inflammation of the blood vessels, arteries, veins or capillaries that in turn block passage to blood vessels. Organ and tissue damage can result from lack of blood which may also result in death. Vasculitis can affect young and old and as of now the cause is unknown. Through support, awareness and research VF can help those affected by this heterogeneous group of disorders. VF’s national and international network of contacts, chapters and support groups are available to help.

The Vasculitis Foundation had several volunteers walking around Hamburger Patties helping with Drag Queen Bingo. During the event they passed out informational flyers to those that wanted further information. Volunteers also verified the winning numbers before declaring the winner.

The lovely Felicity Diamond was the hostess and had the crowd involved. Before the games began Felicity walked around Hamburger Patties welcoming the patrons and sat at several tables to pass the time socializing. Felicity was quite funny and entertaining though most of her quotes cannot be printed on a family newspaper.

(Felicity Diamond)

As the games were about to start Felicity announced “You ready to play? Tonight we’re playing for a wonderful charity, the Vasculitis Foundation. Put your hands together for them. Let’s get this party started.” One of the Felicity’s funniest dialogues was regarding the state of Utah. After that initial dialogue Felicity started the Bingo games.

As Felicity was about to call out the first number the place suddenly got quiet for a few seconds. “The first number this evening is in the ‘I’ row, it’s I-17, I-17,” Felicity announced and continued “Our second number is B-16, B-16”. After every number was called Felicity had an amusing anecdote but again, these were not meant for the under 18 crowd. After calling a couple of other numbers Felicity asked “What’s our shot of the night?” As the game was played and after a certain number was called out (B, I, N, G or O 69), one dollar shots were offered.

After other numbers were called someone in the audience yelled “It’s on” announcing they were within one number of calling bingo. I learned about the rules as the game went on. The VF volunteers pointed out audience members who had called “It’s on” and waited to see if that person won. Felicity shouted “Raise your hand if it’s on. The next number is I-21,” “’I legal!” someone from the audience called out.

(Bingo winner with Felicity Diamond)

“The next number is in the ‘O’ row O-64, guess what honey? You can qualify for AARP and also Medicare,” Felicity continued. This is one of the few follow up comments to the number called that can be printed but not as funny as other comments. “The next number is in the G row, G-55, G-55. When I say G-55 you say?” Felicity said and the crowd answered “Not a darnn thing”. Audience participation went on through the night and you could tell which tables had people who were regulars.

Felicity called G-56 and then the first winning bingo number “I-16” someone from the table next to us called out “Bingo!”. “Excuse me, excuse me, wait, this person did not scream out It’s on,” the VF volunteer and others at the table yelled out “Yes she did.” Felicity announced, “Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner. Hold your cards; hold your cards as we verify everything she has.” Someone from the winner’s table said “She’s good for it, she’s good for it” Felicity followed with “and if she’s not good for it guess what happens ladies and gentlemen? When you call a false bingo, I get to spank you! These are some hard rules.”

(Bingo winner gets pelted)

After a winning card was verified the bingo winners selected a prize from a table set up in the front. After selecting the prize, the winner had to walk through Hamburger Patties wearing a red boa scarf and a blonde wig and patrons threw their crumbled up losing bingo cards at them. “Pelt her, pelt her all the way down and back” Felicity chanted.

(Selecting a prize)

A couple of times Felicity had to catch what she was going to say, “Are there children in the house? So sorry” Felicity announced but soon forgot. During the night two false bingos were called and those callers suffered the consequences.

At one point Felicity called out “B-11, when I say B-11 you say?” the quiet response made Felicity ask, “Excuse me, excuse me ladies and gentlemen are we in a golf tournament? Because it sounds like a golf tournament,” and with that audience response became louder.

A good time was had by all. The food and drinks were good, the company was great, the MC was fantastic and everyone seemed to have enjoyed the evening. DQB is a great place to spend an evening with friends. Not only does it offer entertainment and possibly great prices but a charity group is selected each 2nd and 4th Wednesday to benefit from Drag Queen Bingo.

VF posed with Felicity at the end of the evening. VF received $1,367 for their Foundation. Hamburger Patties is a great place to host these bingo nights. They provide a full dinner menu, a bar and in the back there’s also another room that was being partly used for a birthday party that evening.

(Birthday party at Hamburger Patties)

Gather your friends, bring an appetite, support a charity, enjoy some drinks, play some bingo, win some prizes and be ready to have a good time at the next DQB on February 9 at Hamburger Patties.


 (Vasculitis Foundation Volunteers) 

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