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“Cinderella” is a classic story for little girls, but the production put on by Runaway Stage Productions’ Storybook Theatre at the 24th Street Theater is a family show. It will keep the kids happy and the adults laughing. The production follows the general story of “Cinderella” but strays so that the actors can interact with the children.

There was pretty even mix in the audience, so adults won’t feel out of place if they bring kids or if they decided to sneak off and enjoy it on their own. Keep your ears open for witty lines from the Prime Minister and the Duke. The Duke, played by Christopher Saechao, and the Prime Minister, played by Kevin Sowles, provide most of the comedy for adults.

One of the fun things about this play is the audience participation. In the beginning the crowd goes through an audience-training program, and there are a couple of opportunities for kids to go up on stage and join in the play. During the ball scene, volunteer children from the audience are brought up to be the dance partners for the actors. Another chance for the kids to be a part of the play is when all the maidens in the kingdom are trying on the glass slipper.

Cinderella, played by Sarah Trotter, and Prince Duncan, played by Jeff Davini, also shine in their performances. With minimal scenery, most attention is given to the actors and the dialogue. It’s easy to stay entertained throughout the play without getting distracted. The dialogue is natural and flows easily between characters.

This play was surprisingly entertaining. With a run time of an hour and 10 minutes, it offers a nice Saturday afternoon activity. Saturday is the last day of the production, with showings at noon and 2 p.m. Prices are $8 for general admission and $6 for children under 12.

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