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The taco is the world’s most perfect food. Fact.

Personally, I think the taco is the single most perfect thing, food or otherwise, in the universe. I'm willing to bend on this stance, but I don't expect to. Feel free to nominate something else, but it has to be a physical thing. I will not accept "love" or "a summer's day" as viable submissions.

Some have called me taco-obsessed. And, if getting 50 tacos mailed to me in New York from California on dry ice for my first collegiate care package makes me obsessed, then, well, maybe.

If picking up a duffel bag full of tacos and burritos during a 45 minute layover at SFO is wrong, I don't want to be right.

The point is, since I discovered that there were trucks in Los Angeles and Portland serving tacos made with Korean-style barbecue meats, I have wanted desperately to have a Korean taco place of my own.

Korean barbecue lends itself perfectly to tacos, as there are a lot of similarities between Mexican and Korean foods. Obviously, the spices are different, but both cuisines are known for their flavorful, tender meats served with spicy, pickled vegetables.

Beef and pork bul gogi are perfect stand-ins for carne asada and al pastor. Korean spicy slaw and kimchi are equally adept stand-ins for the ubiquitous pickled jalepeños and carrots of your favorite taqueria.

When I heard that GoGi’s Korean Barbecue was opening at the former Park to Go stand at 15th and L streets, I was absolutely giddy. Finally! A Korean taqueria to call my own!

I got a chance to sample its goods this morning before it opened to the public, and I was not disappointed.

There are four different fillings for the tacos: beef short rib, chicken, spicy pork and tofu. I sampled one of each of the meat offerings. And then I "sampled" two more of the beef ones. They are really good.

The soft corn tortillas are brimming with meats that are juicy, sweet, salty and as tender as can be. All the tacos are topped with a crunchy, spicy slaw made with cabbage, carrots, onions and sriracha. There are bottles of the rooster sauce on the counter for those of us who want a little (or a lot) more kick.

I also sampled the house-made lemonade, which is sweet without being cloying and has a tart tang to it. A good, but not great, offering.
All of the tacos are $2, and burritos go for $5.

This week only, your first taco is free.

There is a strong possibility (dead certainty) that I will go back tomorrow for lunch. 

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