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Easyriders Bike Show Tour

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This is not a news story. It is not even opinion so much as it is a few words to accompany the photos attached to them. If the old saying has any truth, each shot is worth 1,000 words.

The Easyriders Bike Show Tour traditionally makes its annual Sacramento pilgrimage this time of year and unlike last year, the weather did not present any hindrance to the literally thousands of motorcyclists who parked their bikes on J Street and on every other street around the Sacramento Convention Center. Although the show caters to all motorcycle enthusiasts, the vast majority of those in attendance hold allegiance to one brand in particular – Harley Davidson.

As one might expect, the majority of the megabuck customs displayed inside the convention center reflect that allegiance. Those who know the culture, know; and those who do not, do not, but regardless of one’s level of acquaintance with this lifestyle, it is perfectly clear to anyone who happened to be downtown on January 15th and 16th that there is a huge commitment of both time and money to our “hobby.”

Although I am admittedly a Harley aficionado, it does not mean my entire life revolves around them. But at the same time, other aspects of my life neatly dovetail into what can be viewed as a serendipitous opportunity to express my art in terms of my passion. I do not create the custom painted and chrome plated works that were on display yesterday and today, but I can and do create the words and pictures that document them. Yesterday was one big Kodak moment and a few of the results of that moment can be viewed here.

Art has no bounds…

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