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Sactown Rundown – Jan. 13-19

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Don’t worry, Sactown, this week’s Rundown has been crafted so that playoff viewing won’t be a conflict (hangovers notwithstanding).

We’ve got some ferociously creative names on deck throughout the remainder of the week, and a ton more brewing over the next few, including a four-concert indoor series out in Davis from the same folks who handle the summer stock at Sophia’s, and a three-day festival at the ToHo. Stay tuned to Sac Press, it’s gonna be a winter party!

If you are planning or promoting a concert in the Sacramento area, or just know of a show you’d like to see featured in the Rundown, shoot me an email

Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights – Certainly fortuitous timing of today’s Daytrotter session from Alabama-born, Texas-weaned Jonathan Tyler and his emphatic band, just as the group is preparing to swing through Northern California; take a listen to the “Welcome to Daytrotter” intro, you will not expect what’s coming next from such a soft spoken fellow. There’s no getting around the ghost of Stevie Ray Vaughn swirling around Tyler, from the wide brimmed black lid he frequently dons to his long locks of dark hair that flail around as freely as do his fingers when cradling and shredding the axe (we hear that’s often the Jason Webley look, too). His music undeniably rooted in filth-nasty blues, rock, Americana and deep-South country (with tinges of gospel), Tyler’s brain-twisting, sonically asphyxiating ramblings take you on that cross country road trip you hope you never get dragged along on, with visits to the depraved wastelands far off the highway there tourists never dare go. Local stalwars Aroarah and Goodness Gracious Me join the party. Keep your eyes on Wednesday night’s “Powerhouse Live with Andy Hawk” series; the former KWOD DJ is building a juggernaut of a weekly series out there. 9 p.m. Wednesday. Powerhouse Pub, 614 Sutter St., Folsom. $10. 21+. www.powerhousepub.com.

Jason Webley – Speaking of Webley, he’s back! Just a few years ago, Jason Webley was earning his bread by working in a small recording studio and engineering muzak versions of pop songs to be played when you’re on hold during a phone call. And with that, I issue a plea: Please do not stab him in retribution. We can all be thankful he quit his day job and started performing guerilla musicals with friends in grocery stores around the Seattle area; until the managers either asked them to leave or were just laughing too hard to do anything about it. From the produce isle to club stages around the country, Webley has become something of a cult fixture, riding his accordion and some offbeat indie rock inventive madness all the way to the status of a counter-culture hero. Webley apparently intends to take a long break from touring at the end of 2011, so this might be your last chance to catch him for awhile. Reno’s Buster Blue opens up what should be a packed house at the MARRS building, get there early! 8:30 p.m Saturday. Luigi’s Fungarden, 1050 K St. $8. All ages. Facebook event page.

Kill the Precedent with the Snobs and Hanover Saints – “This band was designed to counter the mindless, thoughtless, heartless music that is plaguing the music scene today. This is a world of copycats, emo cry-baby, hipster radio snore core bands that washes the minds of eager music fans tricked into thinking its ok to listen to music with no soul.” Ah, remember the good old days when that was the description of punk rock itself? Not so much the case anymore, but as you can see from the above bio of Sactown local ruffians Kill the Precedent, they are on a mission to restore the stigma and the attitude to punk rock; and they’re doing it with industrial strength electro pulses shot through a growling brand of riff-heavy thrash. A band that truly does need a “warm-up” act relies on local favorites the Snobs and Hanover Saints; the three will collectively take you on a warp-speed trip to three very different corner of rock and roll, and they won’t downshift if you want to exit early. 9 p.m. Saturday. Blue Lamp, 1400 Alhambra Blvd. $8. 21. www.bluelamp.com

30 Seconds to Mars – You have to wonder what would be the fate of a band like 30 Seconds to Mars were it not for the star power of actor-turned-musician front man Jared Leto; would they be up there with the likes of My Chemical Romance, or would they merely be a flash in the pan with so many other post-grunge brethren? Regardless, their pop metal wiles have kept relevant for over a decade, up to and including their most recent offering, the pop heavy “This is War.” His name is Robert Paulson. His name is Robert Paulson… Local hard rock favorites Middle Class Rut starts the fiesta. 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Freeborn Hall at UC Davis. $29.50. All ages. tickets.ucdavis.edu.

Mark Your Calendars – Sacramento Electronic Music Festival – The second installment of this event features some of the area’s top names (and a couple of visitors) in electronic-fueled sonic mayhem. Jan 27-30. Townhouse Lounge, 1517 21st St. Facebook Event Page.

For a complete listing of Sacramento area music happenings, check out Ann Freeman-Clement’s Concerts, Music Events and the Local Music Scene every Friday on Sacramento Press.

Jason Webley photo above by Jeff Harms

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