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Sprinkler Activation Causes Major Flooding in Downtown Apartment

Firefighters responded to Globe Mills Apartment complex for a water flow alarm. Crews arrived to find a flowing sprinkler and no signs of fire. The sprinkler activation was isolated to unit 438, which was a single apartment on the fourth floor. Before firefighters were able to shut off the water, substantial flooding occurred to the affected unit, the 4th floor hallway and units on the third and second floor that were located directly below apartment 438. There was also several hundred gallons of water in the basement, as a direct result of the activated sprinkler. Fire crews spent several hours on scene pumping water out of the basement and restoring the sprinkler system. Portions of the complex, mainly on the fourth floor and affected units, will be without electrical power until residual water can be addressed.

The cause of the sprinkler head malfunction was undetermined by fire crews, and there were no fire department mandated evacuations. It is unknown if the occupant was home at the time of the activation; however fire crews were notified by the alarm company. Building management advised they were in the process of working with a restoration company to address the residual water and maintenance issues associated with flooding.



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