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Man on the street: What would you give Sacramento?

The Sacramento Press recently asked Sacramentans what they would give to the city. Here are their responses. Do you have an opinion? Share it in the conversation below.


Sandra Hamameh, program director for the Sacramento Housing Alliance:

"I wish for everyone in our community to have the comfort and security of a safe and happy place to call home."

Olivia Coelho, co-owner of Bows & Arrows, 1712 L St.:

"I would give the gift of an expedited, affordable path to opening small businesses. I think that’s part of why we have empty storefronts. It’s not just the economy. It would benefit our city, and it would help us fill our empty storefronts with more interesting, small local businesses. There’s a lot of creative people in this town and I think we would have a cooler city if the path to opening small businesses was easier and less expensive."

Kimio Bazett, co-owner of The Golden Bear, 2326 K St.:

"First thing that comes to mind is kind of cold I suppose – but more money. More public funding, to be more specific. I feel we have all the right tools – great people at all levels of bureaucracy, great teachers. All the infrastructure is there. If we had more money, I think we’d be much more effective and grow more rapidly."

Pam Fillin, Midtown, age 36
The Sacramento Press caught up with Sacramento resident Pam Fillin in Midtown on Tuesday afternoon. When asked what she would like to give the city, Fillin, age 36, said that a “functional transportation system would be my first vote.” She also said she hopes a city car share program will start up in Sacramento.

Sophia Albertson-Fillin, Midtown, age 6
Sophia Albertson-Fillin, age 6, lives in Midtown and attends Alice Birney Elementary School. The city of Sacramento needs a pet dog, puppets and “lots of Christmas trees,” she said.

Greg King, Midtown, age 36
The Sacramento Press chatted with King as he was replacing old Christmas lights with new ones on a tree at 20th and K streets on Tuesday. Asked what he would like to give Sacramento, King said: “I would want more help for the homeless.” King said he gives food to a homeless man who lives in an alley behind his house.

Madeleine Wright, Midtown, age 15
Madeleine Wright and her twin brother, Will, ate lunch with a friend at a Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop on Tuesday. She said she wants to see “better public transit” in Sacramento. Wright said her stepmother, who is from transportation-savvy Denmark, wants her to take public transit to school. She and her brother attend Sacramento Country Day School.

James Triche, Midtown, age 16
Triche, who lunched with the Wrights on Tuesday, would like to give Sacramento more attractions for young people. “There’s not a lot of stuff kids to do here,” he said, except for attending movies.

Kenny McCanless, Midtown, age 29
If McCanless could give a gift to Sacramento, he said he would give its residents a break from obsessing over how the city is defined. He would like the city to have “a sense of security about its identity.”

Ashley Green, Downtown, age 23
Green said she intends to pursue early childhood education at Folsom Lake College. She would give Sacramento the gift of “more kid-friendly events.”

Reporting and writing by Sacramento Press staff reporters Suzanne Hurt and Kathleen Haley. Photos by Brandon Darnell, Sacramento Press staff reporter.

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