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East Sacramento Christmas Lights-From the Fabulous to the Funky Forties

The list of original American folk arts includes bake offs, Amish quilting and decorating your house with flash and dazzle in the Yuletide. In the past 10 years or so, a fever’s swept East Sacramento. Simple light displays have bubbled into massive community efforts that require entire blocks of neighbors to cooperate. Be sure to hit these spots in the 2010 season.

53rd Between G and H Streets

This is a lone wolf spectacular that must be seen. This single house will pop right off the street when you go by. It’s well worth the trip.

The Corner of Elvas and C Street

The fun and flair of flying swine and color cannot be missed. Continue down C street to see a gentle cluster of whimsy and community effort.

39th Between M and J Streets

A smaller home, with animals that move, makes a sweet visit for children on foot.

40th Between M and J Streets

Most trees are wrapped in bright, white lights mixed with delicate decorations-an arresting sight.

41st Between M and J Streets

This well decorated street has 9 houses sporting large, bold peace signs.

42nd Between Folsom Blvd. and J Street

Sparkling boughs of light hang from stem to stern and the eclectic, well-festooned houses are a must see. Don’t miss this one.

43rd Between Folsom Blvd. and J Street

Shimmering boughs and barber pole trees create a glittorama. It’s a deservedly well toured street. Bring the family.

4100 Folsom Blvd.

The concrete condo’s penthouse tenant covered every balcony with white lights, surrounding the whole building. Nice work!

46th Between Folsom Blvd. and M Street

Cartoon animals and spotlights will delight the children.

41st and H Streets

Look north and you’ll see the red nosed dragon with lit up bat wings. (The dragon does live here year-round, but he is gussied up for the season.)

Technically, Elmhurst is not East Sacramento, but our neighbors to the south have two of the area’s most stunning displays.

53rd and T Streets

Peek north down 53rd at T Street and you will see a block gone wild. These lords of light start the day after Thanksgiving with a large block party and set every house ablaze with decorations, lights and even have a live Santa to take requests.

48th and T Streets

For years and years this bold artist has lit up the night with a packed display loved by scores of visitors. It’s even visible from the freeway. A Christmas tradition.

Enjoy the holiday spectacle and hope for balmy, cool, partially cloudy, light wind nights to take in the fun! Be sure to leave a comment if you can add to this list.

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