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Roseville Police Don’t Sing Hallelujah

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Police ejected a flash mob of hundreds of choral singers tonight from the Roseville Galleria mall. The choral singers, many clad in their Christmas clothes, had been anticipating singing an “impromptu” rendition of the “Hallelujah Chorus” in the food court. 

The performance was conceived of by the Sacramento Choral Society and over the last few weeks, word quickly spread via email, Twitter and good old-fashioned word of mouth. As the 7:30 performance time neared, dense traffic in the food court came to a near standstill while singers clutched their sheet music for the 4-minute song.

When mall security was unable to redirect the crowd, the Fire Department closed the mall and ushered everyone outside. Denied their chance to sing inside, the crowd collected in the outdoor courtyard and began singing Christmas carols.

Despite repeated Police orders to leave the vicinity, the determined carolers of all ages stayed and at the appointed time, the “Hallelujah Chorus began”. With such a large group, the song was somewhat disjointed but the soprano voices soared above it all and the crowd got what it came for.

As the song finished, a Police helicopter arrived with bright searchlights and bullhorns ordering the crowd to disperse. But, by this time the chorus had been sung and people were leaving on their own, singing “Jingle Bells” and waving merrily at the helicopter overhead.

On a serious note, the impact of closing the mall must have been particularly hard for store-owners who were just recently able to re-open after the Galleria fire.

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