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Sactown Rundown – Dec. 16-22

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Drifters, turn back! We’re keeping it good and local (kinda) this week as we celebrate our last weekend of theoretical playtime before Christmas all but consumes our ability to gobble up live music. We’re flanked by two gigs over the course of five days from one of the darlings of our local music family that have since relocated, but are spending a little time at home for the Holidays.

I’ll be taking next week off to dunk my head in a giant bowl of eggnog, but keep your eyes peeled the week after for a special New Year’s edition of the Rundown once we’re done singing “O, Tannenbaum” – because Lord knows we need something to counter all the usual NYE nonsense of paying $50 for a cover band and two ounces of bubbly. Happy Holidays, Sactown!

Agent Ribbons – A few years back, the duo of Lauren Hess and Natalie Gordon were our lovable "next big thing" here in Sactown; hand picked to open gigs for Cake, fixtures at Concert in the Park and all our other hot spots, and teetering on the edge of being added to the Tesla-Deftones-Far-Jackie Greene list. Even though they've jumped ship for the indie rock mecca of Austin, TX, we can still feel that pride of ownership back here in town as they are poised to live up to that potential with their new full-length gem of a record, "Chateau Crone." Delightful ditties like "Grey Gardens" (which sounds like it could turn into a cover of "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" at any moment) and the back alley spice of "I'll Let You Be My Baby" (a tune that may have been stolen from the "Chicago" soundtrack by a band of Gypsies) are the kind of lushly produced and imaginative tunes we knew they had in them all along, and would ultimately round out their catalog to a level ready for the "big time" (whatever the hell that means). This vaudevillian indie pop duo will dish up two CD release shows for “Chateau” this week, one for the all age crowd and one for the “yo, barkeep” crowd. 7:30 p.m. Saturday, with Dog Party, So Much Fun and Monster Women. Luigi’s Fun Garden, 1050 K St. (MARRS Building). $7. All ages. www.myspace.com/luigislice. 9:30 p.m. Wednesday. Shady Lady, 14th and R St. $5. 21+. www.shadyladybar.com.

Check out Sac Press’ Meg Sevier’s full review on “Chateau Crone” and sample a few Agent Ribbons tracks on Daytrotter.

2 or 3 Guys – Clearly there was not much effort given to this band name. They were probably spending all their time studying up on geek-infused cross sections of late ‘90s alt rock, as if guided by They Might Be Giants into an alternate reality where Soul Coughing let their hair down even father, Marcy Playground didn’t care what anyone thought when they wrote “Sex and Candy,” and Nirvana and Weezer took square dancing lessons together after carpooling their kids to soccer. A memo to Hollywood: As soon as you’re ready with that “Revenge of the Nerds” remake (and that knot in your stomach tells you that you know it’s probably coming at some point), 2 or 3 Guys should have plenty of material for the soundtrack, especially for the scene where the robot that will now look like Wall-E does a fix-it montage with Zac Efron and Shia LaBeouf. With Buster Blue and Calling Morocco. 9 p.m. Friday. Old Ironsides, 1901 10th St. $6. 21+. www.theoldironsides.com.

The Nibblers – They’re that band that’s quietly creeping up the ranks in Sactown – there’s nothing quiet about the sound, but the gigs just seem to keep getting bigger and more prevelant. No longer simply a weekly showcase at the Torch, sparkplug vocalist Hans Eberbach’s funk machine is becoming a major local player. We’ve known about Eberbach (Sweet Vine, Looking Star) for awhile, and there’s no doubt the man can belt, but the cast of dirt-rolling throwback funk scholars behind him has made this act a juggernaut, and they will do things to your hips that are illegal in most parts of Kentucky. Take in some funk on Friday night before Marilyn’s annual Bad Santa Party on Saturday night. 9 p.m. Friday. Marilyn’s on K, 908 K St. $7. 21+. www.marilynsonk.com.

Mind X CD Release Show – Details are always sketchy about what Mind X is up to. They don’t spend a whole lot of time beating their chests over being one of the top jam bands in this area, and they spend even less promoting themselves. That’s why there’s nary a whisper on the website about a new CD, and the only evidence of it comes from the Torch Club’s website. Hey, aren’t some of the best corners of music somewhat shrouded in mystery anyway? (Read: Robert Johnson). New CD or no new CD, you’d be hard pressed to find something better to do with your Saturday night than to let Mind X take you on a tour through the crossroads of blues, rock, jazz, bluegrass, funk, Americana and Worldbeat. 9 p.m. Saturday. Torch Club, 15th and I St. Call for cover. 21+. www.torchclub.net.

Baby Grand’s “Christmas Cocktails” – Baby Grand doesn’t book many dates these days, but one they never miss is this annual pre-Christmas hootenanny, where they take your yuletide favorites and throw them in a blender with a pint of whiskey and whatever holiday goodies you pillaged from the office. Local stalwarts Knock Knock join the party with Four Eyes. 9 p.m. Saturday. Old Ironsides, 1901 10th St. $7.21+. www.theoldironsides.com.

Mark Your Calendars: 30 Seconds to Mars – Stuck on the image of Jared Leto getting his face pounded in towards the end of “Fight Club?” Guess what: He also sings. Jan. 16. Freeborn Hall at UC Davis. $29.50. All ages. tickets.ucdavis.edu.

For a complete listing of Sacramento area music happenings, check out Ann Freeman-Clement’s Concerts, Music Events and the Local Music Scene every Friday on Sacramento Press.

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