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Mr. Grayhope, Sacramento Participant of Sonoma Bohemian Grove

Question: Thank you for contacting me on Facebook. I am very curious about the Bohemian Grove. Can I use your name and what can you tell me about it?

Note: I have 5000 friends on Facebook and I sent a message that I wanted to talk to anyone that has ever participated at the Bohemian Grove. I got that response.

Answer: No, you may not use my name. Call me Grayhope.

Question: Why Grayhope?

Answer: There is some history with that name, but I am not going to talk about it here in this interview. What do you want to know about the Bohemian Grove?

Question: I heard that they burn an effigy called Molek and they have priests with robes, is this true?

Answer: You are talking about the owl god. Yes, I thought it was quite odd.

Question: Do they have secret meetings and what was the meeting about, when you were there?

Answer: I couldn't get into the meeting. You know the Bohemian Grove was the birthplace of the Manhattan Project…the atom bomb.

Question: Yes, I know, how come you couldn't get into the meeting? Who was in the meeting?

Answer: Big wig politicians, CEOs of major corporations. I am not going to name names.

Question: Past politicians were Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan and Nixon. Even Taft, did you know that?

Answer: Of course, I knew that. But, did you know Jacob Walz actually attended one of these meetings?

Question: Jacob Walz, that sounds familiar, who is that?

Answer: The Old Dutchman of the Lost Dutchman Mine in the Superstitious Mountains. Some journalists thought he made a fortune and invited him to one of the Bohemian meetings. Little trivia.

Note: Paul Dale Roberts has visited Superstitious Mountains in Arizona. Year: 1967.

Question: I never knew that. Did you feel comfortable at this Summer fire festival in Sonoma?

Answer: Not really, I was a guest. A CEO from Silicone Valley invited me. Half of the stuff, I didn't understand. If I didn't know better I would have thought I was at a KKK rally or a Satanist worship festival. It gave me the creeps. They even did a mock human sacrifice. What really sickens me is that some of our top leaders attend this festival and they participate in some kind of ritual that has its origins to Babylon. It really makes you wonder what kind of world we live in.

Question: It sure does. I heard our elite run around naked while performing ancient druid rituals.

Answer: There is some very strange behavior amongst some of the men. I am a married man and I do not condone some of the activities of this event. I really don't want to discuss the activities I witnessed here…

Question: Do you think this is a stepping stone towards the NWO (New World Order)?

Answer: Its' a stepping stone towards the downfall of America. We had a briefing about this place at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento. All of the people from Sacramento that was going to the Bohemian Grove had to meet at the Hyatt Regency first. They kept pressing the fact that we could not bring any recording devices, take pictures or talk about the activity of the Bohemian Grove. While at the Bohemian Grove, I was even sort of threatened.

Question: What do you mean threatened?

Answer: One man I was having a drink with, was telling me how people simply vanish without a trace, when they opened their mouths to the wrong people. Then he laughed after saying this.

Question: That's kind of scary. Do you think this could happen? Are you in danger now?

Answer: People need to know what is going on at the Bohemian Grove. I am ashamed to say I am an American, knowing we have a place like this that our leaders visit. All this secrecy is not good and it's everywhere…some of the elite at the Bohemian Grove have also participated in the Bilderberg Conference and Trilateral Commission. I would never ever go back again and I hope more people will expose the activities that take place at this Satanic coven! You asked if I could be in danger. Sure, I wouldn't doubt it, but I really don't know what was discussed in the meetings, so I am not really divulging any top secret stuff…

Question: Wow! Thank you for this interview, would you like to discuss anything else.

Answer: I'm done. Thank you.



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