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Lipstick Tuesdays at Old Ironsides

The local midtown haunt, Old Ironsides hosted Lipstick Nov. 23 – an indie rock, electronic dance party that attracted an eclectic crowd.

Lipstick is held every Tuesday night beginning a 9pm. There is a $5 entrance fee.

It’s the best place to people-watch said Kai Bittore, a Sacramento local who makes war-wrap for UFC fighters.

“Cool girl in red pumps – where can you go wrong?” Bittore said. “This night has been going on for a while – Tuesday nights you can’t go wrong.”

DJ Shaun Slaughter spun music from the likes of Arcade Fire and Temper Trap. 

“Midtown is a close-knit community – you say Shaun Slaughter, you know it’s going to be jumping” said Bittore, who admited he hasn’t been to Lipstick for 2 or 3 years.

He characterized the music that night as “hipster, fixed-gear, flannel rock,” pointing out cyclists in the crowd.

Cat Younghans who is visiting from New York, was charmed by the scene.

“In New York anything goes – here the community gets together in one place based on the music. There’s more discovery vs. everyone knows this.”

Younghans who has a head of curly pink hair and wears boots that she got from Nashville, enjoys psych rock, punk rock and the blues. She explained that Lipstick Tuesdays is for people who like to dance.

“Some places want people to dance to Top 40, but you come here for rock n’ roll,” she said.

As Lipstick came to a close, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” could be heard playing in the background as club-goers were ushered out.

Old Ironsides is locate on S and 10th st.

For more information about Lipstick Tuesdays or the live music venues at Old Ironsides, an events calender can be can be found at www.theoldironsides.com




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