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A One of a Kind in Sacramento

Where do you go when you want to buy or shop for a car? A car dealership obviously. But that’s the point, you GO to the dealership. That’s not necessary anymore. Planet Automotive Group in partnership with Hyundai have opened a new type of store, a car store, THE car store. The Hyundai Store.
The only store of it’s kind in North America, not even the Mall of America with its roller coaster and such has a store where you can walk in, test drive and purchase a car. They will even accept a trade-in if you got one.
Starting Monday, Nov. 22, the Hyundai Store is officially open for business in the Westfield Downtown Plaza. Employees were still polishing up the store as the days first customers came through the doors. Located on the lower level, next to Forever 21, you will find this wide open showroom with all 11 of the available models in the Hyundai lineup. “Our thinking was why not bring the store to where the people are,” says Chris Schaffer, a partner in Planet Automotive Group. “We want people to think seriously about Hyundai when they are considering a new car.”
Tim Langston, Store Director of the new Hyundai Store, loves the idea. “I got out of the car selling business 15 years ago because I didn’t like the process of selling somebody a car.” This store is different, and it’s what brought him back.
It’s not unusual to see cars inside of a mall, but for the most part they are placed there as an advertisement. The Westfield Galleria at Roseville has cars placed in different locations throughout the mall, but there is no salesperson to answer any questions.
Southern California has a Lamborghini store, also owned by Planet Automotive Group, but it is primarily a clothing store, with some other small merchandise. Yes, there is a Lamborghini in the store and technically you could walk in and buy it, but that hasn’t happened yet.
“Our employees don’t work on commission. They are here to answer any questions that a shopper might have,” says Langston. “Hyundai has made a lot of improvements over the years and we want people to see that.”

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