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Opposite takes on sheriff’s race

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The two candidates for Sacramento County sheriff are reading the results of a close race in opposite ways. Sheriff Capt. Scott Jones said he is so confident with the results that he’s planning to discuss his vision soon with outgoing Sheriff John McGinness.

But Jones’ opponent, Sheriff Capt. Jim Cooper, said the county has so many more ballots to count that the outcome is unknown.

By the latest count, Jones leads with 50.8 percent of the vote, and Cooper follows with 48.8 percent. Sacramento County’s elections department has a total of 120,000 ballots left to count, according to the department’s website. Of the remaining ballots, 108,000 are vote-by-mail and 12,000 are provisional.

Jones said Cooper is not likely to beat him, even with all the uncounted votes.

“It’s a mathematical possibility, but a statistical improbability,” Jones said Wednesday afternoon.

Jones said he plans to start talking to McGinness soon about the transition process, as well as his vision for the job of sheriff.

Meanwhile, Cooper noted that the county has many remaining ballots to count. He said he would let the ballot-counting process take its course.

“Basically, it’s just hurry up and wait,” Cooper said.

It could be weeks before the sheriff’s results are final, according to Brad Buyse, the county’s campaign services manager. Buyse noted that the county’s deadline to certify the votes is Nov. 30.

Photos of Cooper and Jones by Kati Garner.

Staff reporter Suzanne Hurt contributed to this report. Kathleen Haley is a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press. 

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