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Sactown Rundown, Halloween style

It looks like the costume party has started early this week – who are these offensive ruffians dressed up in orange and black, racking up runs against the Fighting Nolans like notches on the bedpost after Saturday night at the Zebra?

20 in two games? Are you kidding me? Viva los Gigantes!

Priority one this weekend: Games three and four. Priority number two: Halloween bar crawls, house parties and general incognito shenaniganry.

Oh yeah, there's also some tunes a-brewing. Happy Halloween, Sactown.

Fishbone – "You know, we would have loved it if we had been a breakout band, but the bottom line is that I’m in a band where, for the most part, I got to make exactly the music I wanted to make," Fishbone bassist Norwood Fisher told this reporter back in 2008, when I was writing for a plucky upstart publication down in the 209. It's really a mystery why Fishbone never blasted their way into the realm of superstardom the way that their followers like Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt, Slightly Stoopid and 311 have. But, hey, no one knows who wrote half the songs that Old Blue Eyes used to sing, but we always attribute them to him without thinking twice. The same misguided street cred frequently gets dished to the aforementioned bands who cheekily fuse together rock, punk, ska and funk into a let's-get-weird-with-it party package, but it was the subtle legend Fishbone who were the first to do it. The South L.A. outfit, through multiple lineup shifts, has been at it for a quarter century with nary a Top 40 hit to their name, but they never got the memo that any of that really matters. "Like I said, if I ain’t got the validation in my bank account,” Fisher said, “if Gwen Stefani is gonna drop the Fishbone name in an interview or on an award show, or any band that will give us props, its nice to be validated." Check out the documentary Everyday Sunshine if you want to know more. Oh yeah, one more thing – this one goes down on Halloween night. It's gonna get freaky in there. 9 p.m. Sunday. Harlow's, 2708 J St. $15. 21+. www.harlows.com.

Dead Rockstars Show – If you haven't been to this one in year's past, you might even know the drill by now. All the bands will be dishing up some covers, and all the artists they're covering lack a pulse. Bands currently slated to tribute their fallen idols are Adrian Bourgeous, Ricky Berger, I Scream on a Sundae, Breaking Glass, Ol' Cotton Dreary w/ Captain God, Crazy Ballhead, The Onlymen, 2 or 3 Guys, 50 Watt Heavy Jet Black Popes and more. Who knows what dead artists they'll choose to honor…Jerry Garcia? Johnny Cash? Kurt Cobain? Justin Beiber? 8 p.m. Sunday. Old Ironsides, 1901 10th St. $8. 21+. www.theoldironsides.com.

Lite Brite – One of Sactown's most prized local rock bands will get nice and saucy over at the Townhouse, with their throwback hard rock licks and whalloping precission that falls somewhere between Radiohead and Zeppelin. Mainstays Walking Spanish join up along with Children of the Graves and the Babs Johnson Gang. Isn't it kinda Halloween every night at the ToHo? Should be fun! 9 p.m. Sunday, 21st and O St. $3. 21+. www.townhouselounge.com.

Mind X Halloween Party – Mind X is one of those bands that you keep thinking is going to make the jam band/music festival crowd very happy some day, if they were to ever break out of their usual gigs at the Torch. Not that we're complaining or giving them a hard time – no one's going to whine about having a top notch group of improv masters playing musical Legos a couple times a month for us. They'll be keeping the stage warm all night long at this Halloween shindig…who knows what they've got up their sleeves! 9 p.m. Saturday. Torch Club, 15th and I St. Call for cover. 21+. www.torchclub.net.

Mark Your Calendars: Filter – Hey man, nice shot. 'Nuff said – except for one little "did you know." Filter lead singer Richard Patrick is the brother of actor Robert Patrick, a.k.a. The T-1000. Cool, huh? Nov. 22. Harlow's, 2708 J St. $22.50. 21+. www.harlows.com.

For a complete listing of Sacramento area music happenings, check out Ann Freeman-Clement’s Concerts, Music Events and the Local Music Scene every Friday on Sacramento Press.

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