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Shakira Shakes Up Arco Arena

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Almost a year after her “She Wolf” album released, with that playful catchy howl, Shakira is back on tour with new album, “Sale el Sol/The Sun Comes Out.”

Shakira’s “The Sun Comes Out” tour rocked Arco Arena on Tuesday night, which was coincidentally the release date for her new album.

The arena was packed with people of all ages, a more impressive turnout than the Maroon 5 concert last week. Fans waited anxiously, some equipped with their Colombian flags as Shakira kept them waiting.

The performance was delayed for more than 45 minutes, just long enough for fans to grow confused about the malfunction and build their anticipation.

Around 9 p.m., she finally emerged singing from the crowd in a vibrant pink hooded frock and worked her way to the stage as she kissed and hugged fans around her, in a Mother Teresa-type moment.

As soon as she hit the stage, she ripped off the pink ensemble for her black skintight pants and gold cutoff tank top outfit, and her hips continued to shake and vibrate throughout the whole concert.

The Columbian pop star managed to mix the concert up with Spanish and English songs throughout to satisfy her wide range of fans, but a majority of the music was from her new album.

“I didn’t understand a word she said, but her hips don’t lie,” said Jason Bodily, a self-proclaimed Gringo who accompanied his wife to the concert.

Shakira showed her rock influence when she stunned fans as she delivered a cover of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters."

Her dancing was fluid, fun and tantalizing with her belly-dancing moves. Shakira had a quick outfit change into a flamenco-style skirt for her hypnotizing flamenco solo.

Her band members surrounded her with drums and guitar on the catwalk as she moved, possessed by the beat of the drum, which led into her song, “Gypsy.”

Shakira’s style embraces many different elements: a fusion of Spanish pop-rock, up-tempo dance music and a Middle-Eastern influence.

She sang popular songs from her past albums, like “Whenever, Wherever,” “La Tortura,” “She Wolf” and “Underneath Your Clothes.”

Her electric, powerful vocals seized the crowd’s attention, and her high-energy performance had the audience imitating her moves. While most of her songs are a Latin-Rock hybrid; Shakira’s new album has a tropical island influence.

Her three-song encore ended with the high-energy 2010 FIFA World Cup island-inspired anthem, “Waka Waka (This is for Africa).”

Shakira’s overall talent as an artist and entertainer was impressive, and the stage’s laser show and giant holographic face with flashing images added to her performance. If you took out the seating of Arco Arena, it could have been a 14,000-person dance party. Shakira’s concert left fans of all ages dancing through the large crowds, awaiting her return.

Photos Courtesy of Barry Wisdom

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