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Maile Sumandal, Old Sacramento Bartender/Paranormal Experiencer

Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager

To see pictures of Maile and see some of her cool tattoos, stop by here:

Question: Maile, please tell me something about yourself, where you were born and raised. Your family life, recreational activities and hobbies.

Answer: Well Paul, I was born in Richmond, California and stayed there for the first part of my school years, I would say until 5th grade. After 5TH grade I moved to Southern California and continued school there finishing and graduating there. My parents had gotten divorced at a young age so that is why I migrated from N. California to S. California. My father is a native from Hawaii. He was the last generation to be born in Hawaii. My mother is a native Californian. My recreational activities are enjoying the sunrise on a remote location, hiking and experiencing the paranormal. As for hobbies, well..let’s say when I am hiking I listen to Pink Floyd!

Question: Tell me about your UFO experience?

Answer: When I was living at a remote location in the high desert, I had numerous sightings of possible UFOs in the sky. The UFOs were hovering around the desert and at times I felt the UFOs were following me. The UFOs would move erratically in the skies and there was no way they could be conventional aircraft.

Question: You said you saw entities or spirits in Old Sacramento?

Answer: I have witnessed a tall man from the Colonial days wandering the town late at night in Old Sacramento. I would watch this tall man, which had a wool jacket that looked outdated and sporting mutton chops. I would watch him walking down the boardwalk and then fade into nothingness. One time I saw him, I said, “excuse me sir, can I get a jump?” and I turned around and he vanished. I was chilled to my bones!

Question: You had some paranormal experiences at a former home, can you explain.

Answer: I lived behind the bar called the Big Rock Inn, located on Highway 138 which is known to be one of the deadliest highways in the country. History of the bar is that the owner’s wife was shot in the bar during a robbery in the 50s. I lived in the house behind the bar. I would often see furniture and dishes being moved. Where my washer and dryer was, my washer would turn off on its own, for no apparent reason. My dogs were afraid of the area where there were once cock fighting pits. Once my friend and his son stayed with me and my friend’s son said in his sleep “No, don’t take me!”

Question: You work as a bartender at the Crescent Club in Old Sacramento. This place was formerly Governor Newton’s Mansion and has been around since the 1800s. According to many people there are all kinds of paranormal activity at this mansion. What have you witnessed?

Answer: My experience at the Crescent Club in the beginning was exciting, due to all of the history there and being so well preserved. We are on the original ground floor of the time before the floods in Old Sacramento. I close late being the bartender. At first, I was frightened being alone in this establishment, but now I have made amends with any spirits that possibly could be there. Now I am very comfortable in this place. All of the entities that could possibly be here seem to be benevolent. I feel tied to this place, I feel definitely connected in a positive way. I feel very welcomed.

Added Note from Paul Dale Roberts:
The Crescent Club is known to be haunted and my interviews with certain patrons, who make claim that they have seen objects move on their own accord. Bathroom door closing on its own and bangings on the walls have been heard.

Question: Tell me about the bar at the High Desert.

Answer: On one night, late at night I was closing. I was doing my normal routine of counting out the till. I had the jukebox turned up super loud, so random sounds of banging or movement noises would be drowned out. These sounds affected people that have frequented this bar. Then one night it happened. Everything went dark on me, the music shut off, the power breaker blew out. I immediately left the building, didn’t have time to think. While I was in the building I felt like I was suffocating and soon as I exited, it was a breath of fresh air, I felt so relieved. I would not enter that building again alone for the rest of the night.

Question: Wow! Great stories! Thank you Maile. Since you have lived in Sacramento, what are some of the places that you frequent?

Answer: All of Old Sacramento, because it has such a historical feeling. When I want to experience the paranormal, I go straight to Old Sacramento at night. I go to Ology, a store owned by my boyfriend and his family. Ology specializes in gems, crystals and Earth stones. Good energy comes from the store, because many of the treasures sold in the store have healing powers. Of course Crescent Club, I love the speakeasy atmosphere and prohibition drinks! They will soon be reviving Reggae in the Courtyard on Thursday nights. Patrons will be able to express their lives artistically with acoustic drum circles and paintings and of course the 2010 Vampire Ball will be held there on October 23, 2010! You can learn about our Vampire Ball at www.shannonmccabe.com

Thank you Paul for the interview!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager
aka The Demon Warrior
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