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Bike around town? Free classes will help you tune up your skills

Bicycle riding on the road is as complex as driving on the road. Anyone that wants to be more confident riding on the street will enjoy the Urban Cycling Skills classes on October 19, 23 and 30 at Bicycle Chef Bicycles, 32nd & N in Sacramento.

The instructors are certified by the League of American Bicyclists, which designed the course. The information is presented in three sections so students can absorb the information, study the manual and practice the skills. Don Bortel, a bicyclist who took the class in July says, “I got something from all three sections. The combination of printed materials, off-bike instruction, and on-road practice have made me a more confident and skilled cyclist.”

The first class covers basic bicycle maintenance, bike and helmet fit, equipment, clothing, and safety gear: Classroom instruction includes rules of the road; reasons for crashes and how to avoid them, bike security and route planning. On the street, cyclists learn to bicycle safely and predictably, communicate with motorists, practice hazard avoidance skills, lane positioning and how to cycle safely through intersections.

The class is free, funded by a grant from SACOG and coordinated by the Sacramento Transportation Management Association. Students that complete the nine-hour class receive a certificate from the League of American Bicyclists. Diane Miller, who completed the none-hour course, said, “We tend to forget (if we ever knew) the best strategies to ride safely in traffic. I didn't think it would need nine hours, but there was so much great information, I’m still reviewing the manual and practicing the skills.”

Register or learn more by contacting Marilyn Bryant at sactma@surewest.net or 916-737-1513, or visit: www.smart-cycling.org


Erik Johnson is the government and media affairs coordinator for SACOG.



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