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The Big Lebowski Comes to Marilyn’s on K

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The Dude abides. Twelve years after cult classic "The Big Lebowski" starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman hit theaters, fans are still celebrating the film’s unpredictable and sometimes confusing plot, startling brute violence and hysterical, expletive-riddled dialogue, prime for quoting. Marilyn’s on K Street hosted The Big Lebowski Fiesta Friday night for these fans, and the White Russians and robes were suitably flowing.

Marilyn’s deserves some party-throwing props. The costume contest brought all the favorite Big L characters to life: the White Russian won for best female costume, and The Jesus won the male competition. The cute female in the short furry white dress and high-heeled boots won the best-of title, but not without a dispute. Jesus supporters chanted his name as the skin-tight purple sweat-suited character raised his bowling ball in triumph and pumped his pelvis in time.

One of the major factors in the longevity of the film’s popularity is its distinctly eclectic, “Dude-like” soundtrack. After the 8 o’clock showing, local bands The Nuance and Walking Spanish (almost unrecognizably disguised as the movie band The Autobahns) entertained the audience with covers from the soundtrack, including Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bob Dylan and The Eagles. Walking Spanish didn’t disappoint with their rendition of Kenny Rogers' psychedelic gem, “Just Dropped In (to See What Condition My Condition Was In)." Just a short sound test immediately following the movie was all that was needed, and the Autobahns had the joint jumping.

I wasn’t able to stay for all of The Nuance’s set, but it was nice to see our friend Larry from Old Ironsides’ open mic in a new light, playing bass and singing backup. Musically, both groups were tight. Nuance had a wider variety of songs, but Walking Spanish had the verve and energy of a younger band, despite performing a style of music not normally on their set list. Front man Alex Nelson bookended his smooth, reedy vocals with quotes from the movie as if he had auditioned for every part. However, the drummer looked a little bored with his duties, while keyboardist Chris Haislet was having so much fun his head was whipping around like a sprung jack-in-the-box. Overall they’re fresh, imposing young performers that I definitely want to see again, sans the shirt-and-tie outfits and slicked back hair.

Real White Russians were a steal at $5.50 for a generous single, and $10 for a double. Wii bowling was set up for free play, and anyone who wasn’t sashaying around in a dirty robe and flip-flops was dancing or nailing virtual strikes. Tickets were $10 at the door.

Marilyn’s threw a party worthy of The Big Lebowski. But that’s, just, like, my opinion, man.

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