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No Rest for the Weary

This morning I woke up determined to have a good day. But I guess that was not suppose to happen.

I left to drive my son to school. We stopped on the way to pick up one of his classmates. We sang with the music on the radio and laughed and talked. Everything was nice.

I drove home and decided to clean out my car. It was peaceful on my street. Everything seem so nice.

I called a co-worker to see if she could work for me today. I decided to go shopping and then come home and wash clothes, cook dinner and basically relax the rest of the night.

I sang as I headed off to the store. When I arrived in the store I received a call from a relative. I answered the phone and heard the words, "Rhonda the police are at your house." I replied, "What? Why, would they be at my house?'

He went on to say, "I came to get my mom's truck when I got out the car they rushed me. They were in a Black car with tinted windows. I was caught off guard. They told me who they were looking for and I told them I'm not him. They left no card, no note on the door. It was crazy. Ain't he a minor? They weren't even looking or asking for you, his parent."

I called my sons phone several times and their was no answer so I drove to his school. My son told me "I have no idea why they'd be looking for me. Maybe it has to do with the complaint at the light rail."

I came home and called the police 264-5151 emergency line. I informed the operator that a relative of mine and my neighbor has informed me Sacramento Police Officers were at my house looking for my son.".

She asked me for my address and I told her. She said, "Yes, we do show officers were at your house but I don't know why. Can I have your number and I will have the police officer call you." I gave her my number and I waited. I was no longer having a nice day

The officer called me. He asked, "Who told you we were at your house?" I told him, "the relative you spoke to and a neighbor."

He said, ":Yes, we were there. We wanted to talk to your son. He's not on Probation or Parole so we didn't leave anything. We just left " I asked, "Why do you need to talk to him?"

What the officer then said blew me away. What the heck is going on in Sacramento?

The officer stated, "We have word that he is affiliated with a gang?" I asked, "What? What gang?"

The officer stated, "And we want to talk to him regarding a recent gang-related shooting."

I asked, 'what shooting?'' The officer then began to tell me of the gangs, 'FAB, GMOB, BAY" Then he begin to tell me what the initials of the gangs stood for. I told him, 'I know what the initials stand for? So which one is he suppose to be affiliated with surely not all of them…and none of them are in this area"

The officer said he didn't know which one he is suppose to be affiliated with. I explained to him "that's because he's not affiliated with any of them' I then asked him how did he get my son's name. He said, "from gang detectives." I asked "Which gang detectives?" He did not know or didn't want to tell me.

Since he did not have the answers, just an officer knocking on doors and running up on people stopping by my house; I asked him the name of the gang detectives and a number to reach them since he came to my house based on information he says was given to him by the gang detectives.

The information he claimed to have, the information he provided me wasn't enough to come to my house to look for or question my son.

I asked the officer which shooting? All the time I've lived here, called when I heard gunshots and no one responded, I wanted to know what shooting would cause them to knock on doors, shake things up, see what they can get….

The officer told me they are looking for leads, suspect for the second Saturday shooting.

I AM ANGRY. My son was home when that shooting occurred. I was home with him.

The officer said, "We are seeing what we can drum up, looking for leads, shaking doors see what happens."

I want the person responsible for taking the life held responsible and accountable.

But for goodness sake Sacramento Police can't go around drumming, shakin down youth who are not involved. They can't go around labeling youth gang members, gang affiliates so they can see what happens.

My son has not gotten over the September 22, 2010 incident with Sacramento Police officers and turn around and have to deal with this.

I guess this is life in Sacramento under Kevin Johnson's leadership. To heck with Civil, Constitutional Rights. In Sacramento Civil, human rights are blowin in the Wind, in the City of Trees.

I'm glad officers are looking for the suspect. But I'd appreciate it if they do a little thing called investigation and knock on the doors of the suspects and not continue to treat all our youth like suspects.

Words can not describe how angry I am so I will end now and take it back up at City Hall tonight.

It seems their is no rest for the weary.

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