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Sacramento Protects and Serves Business not all Youth- Part 2

(Please see Part 1)

In front of me, the officer continued to make my son feel like crap, like less than a human being. And my anger grew. The officer told me he will talk to me but not my son, not in the presence of my son and for my son to stand back and he and I could walk away and speak.

I should have turned and walked away at that moment. But instead I wanted to give the officer the benefit of the doubt. I walked away from my son to hear the officers explanation. The look in my sons eyes haunt me as I write this, I could see his pain was compounded.

I believe the officer could not justify his actions and somewhere in that uniform he couldn't face my son telling me the truth in front of him. My son had no problem telling me what occurred in front of the officer.

One of the officers on the scene told me my son was given a ticket. My son kept saying, "Mom, he told me about the ticket but never gave it to me." Several times I asked the officer for the ticket. He said, "Get it from your son" I told him my son doesn't have it." He stated, "He has it. That's between you and your son. Once it leaves my hands that's too bad what he does with it."

I asked another officer to ask the officer to check his tickets to see if by mistake he thought he gave it to my son since so many Black kids were getting tickets at that light rail." The officer checked his tickets and said he didn't have my son's copy.

Fed up with the officer and his attitude I asked him to show me the ticket that my son signed. I explained I don't want to get a failure to appear. I don't want a warrant. I want to know the charges. The officer hesitated and then attempted to go through the tickets.

From where I was standing I could see all but one ticket had a white back copy. I asked to see the only ticket with the pink copy still attached. He hesitated and still insisted my son has the ticket. I leaned towards the officers window and I could see the ticket with my son's name. It was the one with the pink copy still attached. I told the officer, "I want you to show me that ticket, with the pink copy, with my son's name on it." The officer then stated, "Well what do you know" and gave us the ticket at that point"

September 22, after going through the pages of deceitful discovery of my oldest sons case and the deceit of the SPD officer at the light rail station towards my youngest son my patience was thin. All the pain has taken a toll on me. My last comment to the officer, "I see now, you are a liar. If you can't tell the truth here today how can we expect you to tell the truth on a witness stand? How can we expect you to write truthful accurate police reports? You are an officer and I am learning their are several, who can't be trusted."

A woman came up to me and stated, "It's okay. You should be glad at least they let him go." Why should I be glad they let him go when they never should have detained him the first place? Why should I "be glad" he was given freedom by an officer when he has a right to freedom?

It's hard out here for a Sacramento youth. I'm told many of our youth had their spirits broken at 2nd Saturdays, rounded up as cattle and given tickets. I saw many have their spirits broken at the light rail. It seems everywhere they go they will be run off as the city which alleges to work for everyone works to shift the youth around away to make room for businesses or others to profit.

Regarding the 2nd Saturday's shooting/killing, our Mayor and I'm sure it wasn't his intention, sent a message that the city of Sacramento doesn't care if you die just don't die where businesses can be affected.

A message is sent with the chaos at the light rail station is don't delay, don't stand here where state, county, federal workers may ride the light rail home from work at this hour when they need to exit the light rail to leave in their cars. Go across the street and stand. We're not here for your safety; We're here to protect the business of the light rail.

It appears, in Sacramento, Law enforcement is used to Protect and Serve Sacramento Businesses. And perhaps we should refer to it as Business/ law enforcement since it appears many are looking at preserving businesses and not looking at preserving our youth.

The enforcement tactics/ strategies we are seeing have not reduced crime nor do we feel they're designed to reduce crime. Perhaps they are serving their intended purposes. Perhaps they are designed with the purpose of preserving and increasing the business community.

The pain many are experiencing is compounded when so many want to go to and question the policemen, the lawyers, the judges, or the protected members of the middle class. And so few want to go to the unprotected–those, precisely, who need the law's protection most!–and listen to their testimony.

And finally, the Saturday September 25th Office of the Mayor, Council member Steve Cohn Community Forum Discussing Midtown Nightlife did not have one youth on the Panel. In regards to youth / violence comments were handpicked by the panel; filtered by those on the law enforcement panel.

I have much respect for Council member Cohn for paying respect to the victim. I have no respect for Mayor Johnson who was not in attendance. It was mentioned his right-hand man, R.E. Graswich, is in attendance. But heck, that doesn't do us any good. I still haven't found out exactly what he was hired to do. I thought it was work with the community but I wonder which community since he doesn't appear to be working with mine, the community divided between victims, suspects and police abuse.

The meeting was facilitated by a woman from the business community who appeared really nice and sweet; until after the meeting when I simply asked her, "Who decided which comments would be read?" In essence it was the blind leading the blind and catering to many on the panel.

And what makes matters worse I did not see a representative from any civil rights organizations in attendance at the meeting as many Sacramento Teens and Youth aren't climbing a crystal stair.

In the Spirit of love, truth and some anger

Rhonda Erwin

Disclosure: Mother of three: One girl and two boys. Two of my children my oldest and youngest have never been on probation, parole, in jail or prison. I fight for my middle child, in a California State Prison, to know freedom, as he is graced by God to keep climbin, when life for him ain't been no crystal stair.

I am the mother of a son who I now fight to keep alive, keep free, and not have his spirit broken in a city negligent in protecting our children. I am a mother, by the Grace of God, who will not sit down on these steps of injustice, pain, deceit, trickery because I find it's kind of hard to get so many, including our mayor, to look at our youth where life for them, in Sacramento, ain't been no crystal stair.

It's not a business for me. And it's now very personal as I watch my younger son experience the pain my older son experienced. I am directly affected and exposed to both the violence and the deceit of many. I am a mother of two unprotected sons. Full disclosure: I am so very angry in labor trying to give life and freedom to our children through repetitious painful contractions and prayers that one day this city will give birth– to resources, opportunity, employment, a better quality of Life for Sacramento area teens and youth


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