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September’s Second Saturday

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This month’s Second Saturday ended on a bad note. Although the details are not known, as of this writing, a shooting took the life of 24 year old Victor Hugo Perez Zavala. Second Saturday has grown in popularity these past few months and crowds have also increased. Over 10,000 people show up to shop, admire art, eat, drink, listen to local bands and socialize during the Second Saturday event.

The Second Saturday venue gives local artists a chance to show off their art where otherwise they would not get such an opportunity. This event has been so popular that similar events take place in Folsom, Roseville, Placerville and other areas surrounding Sacramento.

September’s ending to Second Saturday leaves a bad taste and hurts businesses around the Midtown area. This popular event has been a catalyst in keeping local economy prospering. It hurts local artists who look forward to acquiring available space to show off their beautiful art. This type of tragedy hurts everybody involved.

September’s Second Saturday has expanded where now block parties are held to showcase our local artists and allow local fund-raising activities for clubs such as this weekend’s Midtown Community Festival held to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Sacramento. This festival allowed the raising of approximately $20,000 for the club. Local bands played and activities were held for kids.

One of my favorite local bands, One Eyed Rhyno, played a long set here and I think years into the feature they can look back at this event as one of the catalyst events that helped launch their early career. Andrew, Elaine and James put on a fantastic show. I chatted with Elaine and James’ mom for a little while as she taped their performance. Actually, today I saw 4 bands whose members were in High School or grades below. Mrs. Hunter was not the only parent who attended their children’s performance and I have noticed that many parents take an active interest in their children’s musical growth. One Eyed Rhyno put on quite a show as always. I saw them last week at the annual Chalk It Up event at Fremont Park and every time I’ve seen them they do something different enough where they’re not putting on the same show.

Further down the street between 20th and 21st Streets, off of J and K, the City of Sacramento Scottish Pipe Band put on a show and girls in costume danced to their music. Over in front of the 20th Street Art Gallery the Linda Bracamonte Band played a set. Other musicians were stationed at various other places throughout Midtown.

I also got a chance to pass by the Kings on L Street store front where Francisco Garcia was signing autographs. I stopped and chatted with him in Spanish for a couple of minutes. As we chatted, people came around to say hi and get his autograph. He was very pleasant and signed every request. Inside the store Sacramento Kings tickets and other merchandise was being sold.

Several other bands that had played at last weekend’s Chalk It Up performed in front of City Bicycle Works on K Street. This was the first time I’ve seen The Trees perform and I was very impressed. They played mostly cover songs and pleased the audience in attendance. As The Trees finished their set I walked back with some friends to their place on P Street but by the time I got back to City Bicycle Works Simpl3jack had finished their set and I was very disappointed since they’re becoming one of the best bands in Sacramento and they put on an energetic set. At the Chalk It Up performance last weekend their lead singer lost his voice and reluctantly they cut their performance short.

Dog Party played the last set of the night and again they delighted the audience. I’ve been following their progress over a year now and I continue to be impressed as to how far their progress has come. Their original tunes mixed with cover songs (my favorite right now is Los Angeles by X) are very striking. A lot of music comes from the Giles sisters and if you haven’t seen them perform I would suggest looking them up on their MySpace page and catch one of their upcoming shows.

Listening to some of these bands with young performers I tend to think of the Seattle scene of 15 years ago when so much rich music came out of there. Who knows maybe in the next few years the same can happen with some of our local bands. I believe we have some extraordinary talent that, in the not too distant future, will put Sacramento on the musical map.

As I was passing by the Sugar Plum I heard some music coming from their back patio. The Sub-Fobias were playing some hard core head banging music. This was another band that I had not heard play before and I should have kept some extra ear plugs. Their punkish sound was loud and they have reason to be proud. Their raw excess energy flowed to the audience and they put on quite a show. As they finished their set I could already hear the ringing in my ears. At the same time I committed their name to memory and I’ll be following their progress as they play in the Sacramento Area.

On Saturday art came second to the music on September’s Second Saturday.


1 to 4 – One Eyed Rhynos,

5 to 7 and 8 – City of Sacramento Scottish Pipe Band, Hula demo

9, 10 – Linda Bracamonte Band, Francisco Garcia

11, 12 – The Trees (drummer not pictured)

13, 14 – Dog Party

15, 16 – Sub-Fobias

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