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Marketing Innovation Guru Transforms Small Business

Nationally recognized marketing innovation expert Elaine Starling announces a provocative recovery strategy for small businesses.

“Marketing is at the core of all successful business,” Starling said. “If your marketing isn’t working for you, it’s working against you – watering the wrong plants grows the wrong crop.”

Starling is offering free marketing training videos to share her award-winning strategies with small businesses everywhere, available at MillionairesMarketingMatrix.com

Starling was motivated by a meeting with the California small business advocate Marty Keller, who shared that the 3.2 million small businesses in California generate 99.2 percent of all new jobs and 70 percent of all taxable revenue. That was enough to hook Starling, who routinely generates marketing ideas with local restaurant owners, consultants and businesses.

“Businesses waste too much time and money with Band-Aid fixes on the wrong problem," she said. "This strategic look at your marketing keeps you focused on what is most important that really gets results.”

How can small business owners and entrepreneurs prosper in today’s economy? According to Starling, they should use the “collaboration economy to connect, contribute and collaborate.”

“Elaine Starling’s marketing ideas are simple, strategic and highly effective,” said Gurumantra Khalsa, publisher of the Nutrition News newsletter. “We implemented these ideas in our business and are seeing startling results – you’ve just got to watch them!”

Starling’s entertaining video series provides concrete examples and ideas every business can use.

Organizations that serve the small business community are taking note. Local business organizations are very concerned about helping their members continue to grow during these tough economic times.

“Free training that gets proven results is always welcome,” Starling said. “Marketing is just so fun and simple to do once you understand the basics. I want to share some of my fundamental formulas so more businesses have a chance to thrive and grow.”

About Millionaire’s Marketing Matrix
Millionaire’s Marketing Matrix is a marketing system for small businesses and entrepreneurs, designed to make marketing simple, strategic and supercharged. More information is available at millionairesmarketingmatrix.com

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