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Goo Goo Dolls Rock Sacramento

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After nearly 5 years away from the spotlight, the Goo Goo Dolls are releasing a new album titled ‘Some For the Rest of Us’ (August 31, 2010). To help promote the new album, the band brought their grunge style to the Park Ultra Lounge were they performed for 100 select fans of the radio station – Now100.5.

The Goo Goo Dolls walked on stage at 4:00pm and played for about 20 minutes. They performed three new songs ‘The Sweetest Lie’, ‘Home’, and ‘As I Am’ and an older but fan favorite ‘Slide’. From the bands first appearance to their final song, it was obvious just how much the fans loved them.

Between songs, Brian (the night DJ from Now100.5) asked the band non-scripted fan questions and without hesitation they answered them. It was nice to see an exceptionally well recognized and credited band be so down to earth with the people who listen to them – their fan base. After answering the questions, the band performed their last song and then thanked the crowd for coming.

As the band walked to the courtyard, the fans lined-up for a meet-and-greet. Once again, the band shook hands and thanked the fans for their support. At one point, a woman in a wheelchair wanted a picture and Johnny Rzeznik leaned down and not only helped her stand-up, he also helped to hold her in place. It was just another reminder that they are ordinary guys with an exceptional talent.

When I asked Johnny about the new album he stated, "I am really proud of the new album, we took a leap forward (with this album). We are now dealing with more outside issues; the album is more topical than our other albums. We have never really done anything like this, some of the material looks at the emotional fallout of living in these hard economic times, times of war and the toll they takes on everyday people. The songs look at the pain of the ones who fight the wars but are losing their jobs or are downsized – that is why the album means a lot to me." As Johnny stood their giving his quote, it was obvious that he was really struggling with todays world and the realities many people face in these tough times.

The songs from their upcoming album ‘Something For The Rest Of Us’ are reminiscent of their past work, but seem to have a more balanced and grown-up feel. The take you to a safe place and allow you just enjoy the music, something most bands and their music don’t do any more. The show was one of the best promo shows I have seen in awhile and definitely instilled confidence in their upcoming album.

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For more information on Now100.5 please click here.

Photos by Marc McLaughlin, www.marcmclaughlin.com.
Marc McLaughlin is a Contributing Writer and Photographer with Sacramento Press

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