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FOA Celebrates Signing with Mountain Lions

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The UFL’s Sacramento Mountain Lions Wide Receiver Fred Otis Amey hosted an official signing party last night at the California State University, Sacramento Alumni Center. The event featured an appearance by members of the Mountain Lions cheer and dance squad, catered food, a video segment, the unveiling of a unique FOA logo, a raffle with prize giveaways, a benediction, and music – featuring a live performance by FOA himself.

The Mountain Lions had staff on site, as did Team Dynamix – the event organizer. Representatives from My Athletic Resume, a local enterprise focused on building personal resume websites for athletes, were also present. Several members of the CSUS Athletic Department and Football Alumni Chapter were also in attendance. FOA played for the Sacramento State Hornets prior to his professional career.

Clearly visible in the middle of everything was FOA’s lovely and amazing wife, Tyreina. There’s an old saying, "behind every great man is even greater woman." Understandably, she prefers to remain out of the spotlight, but it was absolutely clear that FOA honors her and deeply respects and appreciates the important role she plays in his life.

FOA also took the opportunity to announce the creation of the Generation Now Foundation, a non-profit enterprise committed to making a difference in the lives of others because the time for action is right now, people in our communities need help right now, and there no better time to give than right now.  The website has not been developed yet, but the URL will be will be www.MyGenerationNow.org.  FOA says the foundation "is all about helping get kids to that next level now, whatever it may be. It might be college, the NFL, or simply preparing for their SATs. We’ll be mentoring, coaching, and developing these athletes’ young minds."

For those who haven’t followed his career, FOA’s playing career at CSUS was quickly followed by some time on the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers roster. Despite a thrilling preseason performance that produced the lone touchdown pass completed by 49ers starting quarterback Alex Smith, and a regular season debut 75 yard punt return for a touchdown against the Saint Louis Rams, FOA’s time on the field in the Bay Area was short. Sidelined by injury, he spent much of that first season recovering.  FOA has also been a member of the Austin Wranglers, Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Gladiators, BC Lions, and Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

After being released from the NFL, FOA played in the Arena Football League and Canadian Football League. However, he always remained committed to returning to both the top of his game and the community he knows and loves – Sacramento. When the UFL announced the move to Sacramento, he set his sights on playing here. He is one of four people who participated in the local Open Tryout who were invited to the Mountain Lions mini camp. His performance and character combined to present a compelling case for inclusion on the Mountain Lions roster.

The evening concluded with an exclusive look at the training facilities and field that the Mountain Lions will share with the Sacramento State Hornets. Mountain Lions staff assured us all that by the time the season comes around, we would not recognize the field. The combination of banners and turf insignia adjustments will clearly display the Mountain Lions brand.

Despite being in an NCAA facility, the Mountain Lions have secured the right to sell adult beverages at their games. The NCAA prohibits the sale of alcohol at sanctioned sporting events and facilities. That rule does not apply to the UFL or other professional sports leagues even when they lease those facilities. Combined with tailgating that will run throughout the day and early evening, Mountain Lions games are sure to be exciting. Team staff assured FOA and his close supporters that the first game will be a sell out. Across the spectrum of pro sports generally, Sacramento needs a sellout.

Walking with the Mountain Lions staff, we came across a black Nike slipper on the sidewalk outside the Alumni Center.  The staff was quick to point out that it has been there all summer and no one has touched it.  Superstitious athletes players consider it cursed.  Anyone visiting the facility is highly encouraged not to touch it and to leave it right where it is.

There will be a select public viewing of facilities on August 20 from 6-9pm. The tour will be limited to season ticket holders. People interested in becoming season ticket holders can get more information through the Sacramento Mountain Lions website, or by contacting Daniel Curran at the Sacramento Mountain Lions business office. He can be reached by calling (916)-383-5466, or by email at daniel.curran@ufl-football.com.


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