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“The Little Mermaid is Not for Children” hits Cosumnes River College

“The Little Mermaid is Not for Children” premiered at Cosumnes River College’s River Stage, providing an assortment of laughter and entertainment with a witty twist for all ages.

The tale of the Milton family begins during the summer in Pennsylvania. The three sisters (Elizabeth played by Lynn Damme, Alicia play by Andee Saenz and Carrie played by Jessica Eichlin) bicker constantly about their mother as well as argue among themselves.

The three sisters also play the counterpart mermaid sisters as well, with Carrie as the Little Mermaid.

Gloria Milton, played by Claire Lipschultz, is the dying mother of the three sisters and also the reason for most of the family drama. As a former performer, Gloria sings to her family and hums tunes right until her very last breath.

With Loren Taylor as Keenan Milton, the loving father and husband, this play brings together the emotions of the loss of a loved one and the moment of finding peace.

Laura, played by Lexie Schneider, keeps a steady balance between the three sisters and acts as Carrie’s supporter of sorts. Although, Act 1 ends with the two in a disagreement.

The seven actors have nothing but their chairs and their lines to put on a brilliant performance.

Unlike the traditional theater performance, this two-act play is presented without props or costumes. The actors provide dialogue and movements but leave most of the setting to be imagined by the audience.

Narrator Maxwell McKee reads off stage directions to provide a clearer picture for the scenes performed.

Award-winning director Frank Condon concludes the 15th anniversary season with a masterpiece and a unique spin to theater performances.

The only showings were July 30-31 at CRC and it is no longer running.

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