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We’re down to the last 3 Concerts in the Park. After the Bastards of Young, Final Summation and Whiskey & Stitches show on Friday the last two shows will be in August. Last year there was talk of the Concerts in the Park going for several weeks after the scheduled events but it only went one week then it stopped. Folsom and El Dorado Hills have Friday Night Concerts as well and they will also end their series in the next couple of weeks (if they haven’t already).

For the Friday Night Concert the crowd was small when the Bastards of Young began their performance. With no big crowds, there were no lines to buy beer tickets or to get your beer. Security seems to have increased this week and it may be due to the bigger crowds in the beer garden. The bands playing, for certain, inspired beer drinking. The Bastards of Young rocked through their show. They played a couple of songs with some guests helping out on stage. The Hills brothers (bass, guitar, vocals) and their group went through a series of fast paced songs. You can listen to some of their songs and watch some videos on their web site.

I’ve always enjoyed Final Summation since the first time I saw them play. Their punkish tunes always get the mosh pit going. The three member band is also getting ready for a very busy European tour next month (always a good sign indicating the growth of their following). As with Bastards of Young, Final Summation brought guests on stage. I did not catch the name of the band members from an Austrian band but they sounded almost as good as Final Summation.

I thought Final Summation was going to be the headline band but that honor went to Whiskey and Stitches. Their set brought more audience members to the mosh pit and you could also see the people in the beer garden bob their heads up and down in unison as Whiskey and Stitches played. Beer cups were raised in a toast-like position as the beer garden crowed moved to the music.

Sometimes audience members are as interesting as the bands that play in the Concerts in the Park series. I notice that some of the same people show up to these concerts depending on the genre of music being played. The photos on this article are of the bands that played tonight and some of their fans. Shaunee, Matt, Steve, Facies, Spider and Blake were some of the audience members in the mosh pit tonight. The diversity of the audience at these concerts makes the whole evening a joyful and entertaining evening. Two more Jerry Perry shows to go on the Concerts in the Park series. I think you’ll have fun at either or both shows and would highly recommend it if you have not been able to make it out. Next week The Golden Cadillacs, Light Rail and Johnny Guitar Knox and the Soothers will be on stage.

More information on up coming shows for the bands that played tonight as well sample music and videos can be found at the following sites. Myspace pages can be found at: Bastards of Young, Final Summation and Whiskey and Stitches.

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