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Ask Officer Michelle – Mother Deals with Abusive Older Son on Meth

Posted by venegasn

My mother has been trying to force my 27yr old brother to leave her house. He has been there for 6 months. He is a Crystal meth addict, loud, abusive, dirty and just a complete nuisance. She has called the police on him because he repeatedly steals her truck and he has no valid drivers license. He was arrested but released two days later and she woke up one day and there he was again. She’s changed the locks, but he always manages to get back inside the house somehow. He yells at her that she cannot do anything about it and he will never leave. She’s afraid of him and has asked me for help. I hope there is a legal way to get him out. She has a daycare license and she is afraid that if she calls the police when he hits her that she will lose her license and have no way to support herself. Please help.

Dear venegasn,

I am truly sorry to hear that this is happening. I can only imagine what your mother is going through. Not only does she have to endure a hostile environment
in her own home, but the one responsible for it is her own son. She must feel very torn.

There are a few things you can do. You can first start the eviction process. Since your brother is violent toward your mother, she can go to the county and
file for a restraining order. This way, he can’t be anywhere within 100 feet of her. Additionally, he can be arrested for being under the influence of a
narcotic. If he is on probation or parole, you should call his probation/parole officer. He can and probably will be violated.

If your mother is over the age of 65, she is considered an “elder” and there are special laws regarding elder abuse which are felonies. You could call Adult
Protective Services with Sacramento County at 874-9294. They are a good resource. Additionally, Women Escaping a Violent Environment (W.E.A.V.E) is
also a great resource for your mom. They can even help her file for a restraining order. Call them at (916) 920-2952. They are so helpful, and they understand what your mother is going through. They should be one of your first calls.

Finally, your brother is more of a hindrance now with regards to the daycare license. If he is present while under the influence, he may have paraphernalia
sitting around where a child could have access to it, or if he is acting abusive, your mom could lose her license forever. She should call the police every time your brother is around the children; especially if he is high. Meth is a very dangerous drug, and when someone like your brother is addicted to it, he may do things for it that you would never imagine. If you or your mom has any questions, please call me at 952-0788. If it is urgent, call 911! Please keep me posted on this!

Officer Michelle

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