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Chop at the Top, say Sac City Employees

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"We are here today because our Local Union 39 is not listening about letting us have a voice on what labor concessions we’ll take to save people’s jobs," says Leslie Garner, City of Sacramento employee. "Our voices are not being heard by our union."



According to a statement made by Stationary Engineers – Local 39:

"The citizens of Sacramento deserve a city that is a ‘Full Service City.’ We treasure our parks, our libraries, the quality of our drinking water, and our canopy of trees.

Like other local government agencies acoss the country, the City of Sacramento is facing significant budget challenges. And unfortunately, the City Manager is proposing drastic cuts to the workers who maintain these treasures.

But we think there is another way. Another way of preserviing and maintaining these treasures while balancing the budget.

The City of Sacramento is simply top heavy with management. For every six workers who provide front line services to the public, there is one management position. That is nearly double the ratio recommended by public administration experts. By eliminating unnecessay management positions, the City can balance its budget and continue to provide to its best ability a ‘full service city.’

We are also troubled as to why the City Manager is proposing to layoff workers in special funded departments like water treatment plant operators and sanitation workers in the department of utilities when they have a balanced budget as approved by Council on June 22. These employees are paid out of an enterprise budget which has no direct link to the general fund.

And finally, we are deeply concerned with the percentage of general funds that are being spent on public safety. For the first time, the City of Sacramento has surpassed the 80% figure for public safety expenditures. In June 2008, the City of Vallejo was on the brink of declaring bankruptcy when their expenditures on public safety hit 80%. We don’t want to end up like Vallejo."

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My sister is a City of Sacramento employee


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