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Going to the Fair?

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If you’ve been thinking you’d like to go to the State Fair at Cal Expo, best mark your calendar for sometime this week because Sun., Aug. 1 is the last day.

I’ve been four times since it opened and still haven’t seen it all. If I start out in a not so good mood, I lighten up as I travel around the rides and booths and see all the people.

Cattlemen’s Day pulled me back yesterday in the late afternoon.

The Bullfest Ride show started off with a scramble to see who could be the first to saddle a horse. Of course, the horses were not agreeable.The cowboys took it seriously. One evades a bull (below).

Standing on top of his horse, this cowboy from Mexico plays "jump rope" with his lasso.

None of the bullriders hung on for very long.

Two cowboys raced their harnessed horse wagons around the arena quickly. I could’ve touch the horses as they sped by.


This boy thought he was going to bungee jump but decided after 10 minutes that he really didn’t want to.

The "Euro Bubble" is harder than it looks and is funny to watch.

"Street Beat" is Parkour Percussion,  Urban Drum & Dance.

Young girls ride trained rescued thoroughbreds in the Calvacade of Horses arena beginning at 5pm most days.

These three kids await a judge’s decision on their sheep.

The midway after sunset is a great way to experience the fair – it’s cooler and the multi-colors and sound creates great fair moments. And even food tastes better, especially since it is 25% less in price throughout the fairgrounds!


Rides take on a different feel at night.

Water pours from the Windsurf ride while visitors are upside down.

Big Slides are a lot cooler at night.

For more info about California’s State Fair go to: bigfun.org before Sunday, August 1.




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