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All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream Event at Sac Zoo

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It was a warm Saturday afternoon, the Sacramento Zoo stayed open late to host an Ice Cream Safari. This family-fun event attracted hundreds with all-you-can-eat ice cream and full zoo access.

Ice cream stands flooded the zoo walkways, which appealed to kids of all ages. Parents and children cooled off with their tasty treats while participating in the GiRaffle, face painting and the open dancing stage.

Zoo visitors sampled 10 different types of Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavors and washed it down with drinks provided by Coca-Cola. The stands making ice cream sundaes and Strawberry Sprite floats were in demand and had the longest lines.

Some older kids bypassed standing in line for second servings and requested two scoops of their favorite ice cream.

The ice cream was a bonus for the animal observers. With a cone in hand the kids were more inclined to stand still and watch the animals roam in their habitats. Even the giraffes joined the crowd and indulged in their own tasty treat.

It was dessert first, dinner later, after families made their way around the zoo, many purchased hot dogs and veggie burgers next to the Kampala Café. And as the sugar rush kicked in, the kids were dancing up a sweat on stage to the latest pop hits.

The Ice Cream Safari allowed kids to navigate around the animal habitats with their maps and find the ice cream treasure along the paths. It was a great day to take the family out, treat the taste buds and support Sac Zoo.


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