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Friday Night Concerts in the Park

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Heavy traffic and having to stay over time at work caused us to miss the first act of the night. It gave me and one of my sons time to get a beer before sitting to enjoy the second act though. In the beer garden, of all places, I met a friend from back when I was an elementary school teacher. My friend, Kathy, was also a teacher at the same school and we taught together for a few years. Her husband Steve was there as well and we got a chance to catch up. It so happens that two of my students from the same school were there as well, although at first glance I did not know who they were. Karlee and Katie Wootan were in the (it hurts to say if since it made me feel a lot older) beer garden enjoying the sounds and beverages of the evening. It turns out they are friends of members of The Inversions so they gave me information about the band.

The Inversions are made up of Will Comstock (vocals, guitar), Adam Varona (guitar and vocals), Ryan Offield (bass) and Scott McConauchey (drums). The band has been together for about 10 years. Adam indicated he joined the group about three years back and Scott about two years ago. As with many other bands some members come and go The Inversions, as they are presently made up, are three years reincarnated. Visit their site at www.myspace.com/theinversions and http://theinversions.com (seemed to be down when I tried to access the URL).

Walking Spanish was the second act. They have a full schedule of shows in Sacramento this month. Their MySpace site gives more information on the band and upcoming shows at http://www.myspace.com/walkingspanish. They have a very upbeat sound with quite of mix of instruments and keyboards giving their songs a rich sound. I don’t think they sang a song in Spanish but they were very good. We got to enjoy most of their show from the beer garden.

During the show some members from Children of the Grave, billed as the world’s only Zombie Tribute to Black Sabbath was out handing out fliers to their show on July 10 (Second Saturday) that will coincide with the Trash Film Orgy as well. I was able to talk a little bit with Johnny Deadly and Randy Roadkill (pictured) about their show. They will be performing at the Sub Q at 9 p.m. during this month’s Second Saturday art shows. They will perform at the Sub Q Piercing located at 1715 I Street.

The Brother From Another Planet (pictured) was performing around the fountain area again this week. After watching him perform for tips Izabella took the stage as the last act of the evening. As soon as they started playing more and more people started to dance. Happy feet were all around the stage. Sam Phelps (vocals and keyboard) indicated they were going to be playing at Marilyn’s (on K Street) that same evening. They will split their time doing shows in Nevada and northern California in July and August. The link to their website is at http://izabellaband.com. They were the perfect closing act for the evening.

Sometimes you meet some people that you feel some type of connection. After the show was over a young family was gathering their things and getting ready to move on. They called themselves modern day nomadic travelers. Sunny and her two boys, as well as her partner Dillon were at the show and were making their way north. They were full of positive energy and Sunny seemed like a very caring mother. They also happen to be musicians and they had a 6 song cd. The handmade cd cover read “Sunny and the Grateful Hippies”. They had been on the road for the past 3 weeks and will continue their travels. You can view their blog at thegypsyamore.blogspot.com. Since they’re trying to keep their blog up and updated they were in need of a laptop. So, if there is anybody out there upgrading to a newer laptop and would like to put your old laptop to use drop Sunny a line at thegypsyamore.blogspot.com and maybe something can be arranged. On the way home I listened to their cd making the drive home a little more pleasant.


1, 2 – The Inversions (with the Wootan sisters)

3, 4 – Walking Spanish

5 – Johnny Deadly and Randy Roadkill of Children of the Grave, 6 – The Brother From Another Planet

7, 8 – Izabella

9, 10, 11, 12 – Fans, 13 – Fans with friends Kathy and Steve in the background

14 – Sunny and family

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