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CIP July 2, 2010

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The first Concerts in the Park venue for July included four bands for the evening. The Sea of Bees, Chelsea Wolfe, Sister Crayon and the New Humans made up the line up for the evening. This was the first time I’ve seen or heard the Sea of Bees and I don’t remember seeing their name in the line-up for Friday’s show. The four member group played a very impressive set. Some members of the audience took to the dance floor and this continued through all sets.

Chelsea Wolfe is another band I had not heard and their presence on stage was quite dramatic. Chelsea was dressed in mourning including a black veil that prevented the audience, or at least me, from getting a glimpse of her face. Their music followed suit and was different enough to instantly click in my heard. The mystery behind the veil also served a purpose, I don’t know about anybody else but I paid close attention to the lyrics trying to find hidden meanings but no obvious ones were to be found. I enjoyed their set and will probably look for more of their material.

I have seen Sister Crayon before and I’ve enjoyed their sets. Their Indie sound is full of great music that includes synthesizer sounds. The audience bobbed their head and tapped their feet in approval of the rhythmic beat. Terra Lopez, the lead singer, indicated one of their members was doing their last show with Sister Crayon but did not hear who that was.

The last act of the evening was the New Humans who’ve I’ve been fortunate enough to sit at a couple of their previous performances. By the time they started their set the audience had moved closer to the stage and soon begin to dance in front of the stage. The New Humans did not disappoint when they performed. One thing I’ve noticed is that very few of the acts perform encores. I think tonight may have been a good night for that.

Sometimes what goes on in the beer garden and other areas of Cesar Chavez Park make the whole evening that much more interesting. Tonight, Mayor Kevin Johnson walked around for a little while meeting with the audience and posing for some pictures. A group of people walked around with cardboard signs for Free Hugs. Kassandra Johnson, Jen Pearson, Amanda Massengill and Shane Gordon were here tonight to give out hugs. Abigail Jones was lucky enough to get free individual hugs as well as a group hug. A golden Human Robot performed for tips around the fountain area and I believe he’s been here before.

Another great Jerry Perry promotion with lots of great music and entertainment. Next week Izabella headlines the concert with opening performances by Walking Spanish and the Inversions.


1-7 Sea of Bees, Chelsea Wolfe, Sister Crayon (2), New Humans (3)

8-14 Fan, Free Hugs (2), Mayor Johnson, Human Robot, Silly Dilly, Fan

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