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Interested in Adopting?

If you are interested in adopting a child, the first step is to educate yourself about adoption and become familiar with the various types of adoption available to you. The most common types of adoptions are:

Foster adoptions – The children were placed into child protective custody for their safety and cannot be returned to their birth parents or cared for by extended family.

Domestic private adoptions – The children are not in foster care and the adoption is typically handled by a lawyer and the two parties; birth parents and adoptive family.

International adoptions – The children are from a foreign country and, again, the adoption is typically handled by a lawyer or international adoption agency. Travel to the foreign county will most likely be required.

Lilliput Children’s Services is a local, Sacramento-based agency that specializes in foster adoptions.  While we are headquartered in Sacramento, we have 10 other offices throughout Northern California, including Granite Bay and El Dorado Hills allowing us to effectively serve all of Northern California.  

Lilliput has completed over 4,500 adoptions for California foster children; over 2,000 in the past two years alone!  Lilliput has a 30 year history of serving children and families.  In the private sector, we lead the state in numbers of children placed and adopted each year through foster/adoption. As foster/adoption specialists, we have a strong reputation and relationships within the public child welfare system, allowing us to truly work as a team with your family and the child’s county or state agency.

All of the social workers in our foster and adoption program have a Masters degree in Social Work and many of our social work staff and management are licensed clinical social workers. We also have a very low rate of social work turnover. This means that you will be working with a team of professionals with excellent social work skills and training, who are equipped to work sensitively and effectively with your family.

Orientation meetings for prospective foster and adoptive parents are regularly held at Lilliput offices. These informal group meetings are held in a casual setting and are led by a Lilliput social worker. Information about the foster-adoption process, the children in foster care and the role you would play is provided, with plenty of time for questions and answers.

You can contact your local Lilliput office (go to www.Lilliput.org to find the office closest to you) to register for an orientation and to learn more about the steps for fostering and adopting with Lilliput.

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