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D.A. Scully should be prosecuted, not elected.

D.A. Scully has refused to prosecute an attorney who’s known for scamming his clients out of large amounts of money.  That information is easily available to other attorneys, but not to the general public.

Jan Scully refused to even investigate the crimes.  The reason is simple – she does not prosecute other attorneys as a matter of professional courtesy.

That attorney had operated in the San Francisco area, but moved to Sacramento, knowing he’d be safe from prosecution there.    He takes on cases, overcharges clients year after year, then has many times refused to even go over testimony with clients before trial, is known to be unprepared for trial, then sabotages the trial so his clients lose.  He then charges a large amount of money to take the case on appeal.

It’s all a scam, and he operates without fear of prosecution, thanks to Jan Scully.

Scully must be voted out, then prosecuted.

The legal system in California will only get more corrupted until there is accountability.



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