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Sacramento Kings Block Party

While the Sacramento Kings and their fans sit at home and observe the NBA Playoffs within the confines of their living room, there is something Kings Fans can look forward to while the teams remaining fight for the Larry O’Brien Trophy. What Kings Fans can look forward to, is the upcoming NBA Draft on June 24.

Before the Sacramento Kings decide on who they will be selecting next month, they must first know which slot they will be picking from.

Last year the Kings had the highest odds of winning the top overall pick, and having the opportunity to land Blake Griffin, who was touted as the top prospect coming out of college. But as you all know, the Kings did not win the lottery and ended up with the worst possible selection at number four, so we had thought…

Blake Griffin was taken by the Los Angeles Clippers and was unable to suit up for any games last year due to injury. The second overall selection, Hasheem Thabeet, was drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies and was sent down to the Developmental League for some time during the regular season. And thirdly, James Harden was taken by the Oklahoma City Thunder and found limited production coming off the bench, leaving the Sacramento Kings with their 2010 NBA Rookie of the Year, Tyreke Evans.

The original thought post-lottery, was that the Kings proved how unlucky they were once again, ending up with the worst possible pick at number four.

On Tuesday, May 18 the Sacramento Kings are holding the “NBA’s GREATEST Draft Lottery Party”. The event takes place in Midtown Sacramento, on 18th Street between L and Capitol. The event is free to the public and fans will start filling in around 4 p.m. The live ESPN telecast of the NBA Draft Lottery starts at 4:30 p.m.

The Lottery will be shown on a giant outdoor screen for all of the fans in attendance to see. Besides the many fans in attendance, the Sacramento Kings Dance Team, the Sacramento Kings Breakers and other VIP guests will be present. The block party will also include prize giveaways and special offers from Midtown-area vendors.

The Kings have the third-best chance of winning the first overall pick next week. Come out and show your support in hopes to add the best possible player in next Junes draft.

“Rowdy Rookies” Season Pass

The Sacramento Kings have introduced a new offer for Kings Fans. This includes a newly created section near the visiting bench, specially priced between $45-$55 per seat; depending on what pick the Kings land in next week’s Lottery.

The higher the pick the Kings are dealt, the lower the prices, a bit more incentive for you to pull for the highest pick possible.

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