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Interview: Paris Warren Talks About Football

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West Sacramento, CA – Paris Warren held a brief press conference Friday afternoon alongside River City Gators Head Coach Charlie Ruiz and the Gators owners group regarding his decision to return to Sacramento and to sign with the Gators. After the conference, he sat down for an exclusive Sacramento Press interview.

SP: When did you return to Sacramento, and what have you been doing since your return?

PW: I came back to Sac in early December 2009. I’ve been training ever since. Been playing lots of basketball, trying to get into basketball shape; football shape is easy.

SP: Basketball, are you a Kings fan?

PW: Of course I’m a Kings fan, I’m from Sac. I’m looking forward to going to games next season.

SP: There’s a UFL tryout at Natomas High School on the 15th, are you going?

PW: I used to play in the UFL with the Florida Tuskers. I played for Jim Haslett and Jay Gruden. My agent, Derrick Fox, who also represents Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers, is doing the talking. If it all works out, I’ll play for Dennis Green and be a Mountain Lion.

SP: What’s the UFL like, and what can we expect at the tryouts?

PW: The UFL is definitely competitive. There’ll be lots of guys showing up. Overall, the UFL might be a half step slower than the NFL, but a lot of guys are from the NFL and can keep up with anyone, they just didn’t make the 53 man roster.

SP: You got injured a while back.

PW: Man that was way back in 2007. It’s done already; full recovery.

SP: What do you like about the River City Gators?

PW: I have some friends on the team. I saw a few games last year. They’re good. This is a fine tuning opportunity for me. I’m planning on playing at the next level in the fall. Any time you play 11-man football, you can develop yourself. It’s better than arena. You never make it back from that.

SP: You spent several years in the NFL, what is that like?

PW: Fast. I was there for a while. I’m pension eligible and an NFLPA member for life. I was with Tampa Bay for a few years, Dallas, New Orleans, All good places.

SP: You went to the University of Oregon, and then transferred to Utah, what happened there?

PW: That’s right. I was recruited to Oregon by Chris Petersen. He’s at Boise State now. When I got there, Mike Bellotti was the coach. I guess we didn’t get along well. We used to have these meetings and he’d tell me he was going to play me. 6-7 weeks later, nothing; I was better than that, so I left.

SP: You think Bellotti will coach again?

PW: I think so. He’s got a lot left. There’s a lot going on in the background.

SP: Some people are saying the Arizona State job might open up if next season isn’t successful.

PW: If he ended up there, I wouldn’t be surprised.

SP: So you left Oregon, you sat out for a year, then what?

PW: I went to Utah and played for the best coach in College Football – Urban Meyer. He’s at Florida now, but when he was at Utah, we were the best. I was All Mountain West, 1st and 2d team, one of the Fiesta Bowl MVPs, I did alright. I always liked Oregon though, and Chip Kelly can get them there.

SP: You mean a national championship?

PW: It’s all about the championship. Why else do you play? I’m here to win games. Those guys are there to win games.

SP: Speaking of winning, you’ve been in some video games.

PW: That’s right, Madden, NCAA, I’ve played myself in college and pro games.

SP: Who’s better, you or virtual you?

PW: Me! The real me! Madden underrated me a bit. I didn’t really like that. I’m better. No need for superpowers. I don’t cheat.

SP: Do your friends and family know what you’re up to here?

PW: Word’s getting around, so we’ll see.

SP: Any final thoughts?

PW: Come check us out. I can only add to what they’re already doing – taking care of business. So now we’re undefeated, and I’m going to do my part to keep it that way.

River City Gators Wide Receiver Paris Warren.

River City Gators Head Coach Charlie Ruiz with Wide Receiver Paris Warren.

River City Gators Co-Owner Frankie Machado; Head Coach Charlie Ruiz; Wide Receiver Paris Warren; Co-Owner Richard Donn; and Co-Owner Jason Kang.


Paris Warren’s Gator debut was Saturday night at River City Stadium.  He had 6 receptions for 116 yards and a touchdown.

To learn more about the River City Gators, check out their website by clicking here. The next home game is May 15th versus the Pacifica Islanders. Kickoff is scheduled for 6pm.

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