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Daughtry, Lifehouse perform at Arco Arena

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Former American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry brought his self-titled band to Sacramento Friday night, playing before a half-filled Arco Arena. Daughtry has toured nonstop since 2007, playing tracks from the self-titled debut album "Daughtry" and sophomore album "Leave This Town," released in 2009.

The night began with an opening by rock band Cavo, whose song "Let It Go" was featured in the film "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." Cavo entertained the early crowd, playing for about 30 minutes as fans continued to file in.

You would have thought by the crowd reaction that Lifehouse, second in the lineup, was the headline act. Promoting its March 2010 record release of "Smoke and Mirrors," Lifehouse began with its newest single, "Nerve Damage." But it was classic back-to-back hits "First Time" and "Hanging By a Moment" that sent fans into a frenzy. Intoxicated by the soft melodies and soothing lyrics, the majority of fans spent the duration of Lifehouse’s performance on their feet, arms pumping in the air.

"You guys are looking so good out there," said Jason Wade, lead singer of Lifehouse. "We’ve always dreamt of playing in front of people like you in a place like this."

After the 45-minute set, it was easy to forget there was one more act. Lifehouse left the stage to a standing ovation.

Fans took advantage of a 20-minute stoppage between stage changes to visit concessions, but the delay was quickly forgiven when the lights were suddenly shut off and the Batman theme rang out.

As their own music began to play, the shadowy silhouettes of Daughtry and his band members appeared behind a white curtain concealing the stage, intermittently flashing from normal size to large with the drum beat. In an instant, the curtain dropped and Daughtry wasted no time starting the show.

The band played tracks such as "No Surprise," "Life After You" and "Ghosts of Me" off the album "Leave This Town," and lead singer Chris Daughtry played an acoustic solo of Phil Collins’ "In the Air Tonight."

Later, Daughtry talked about the inspiration for "Leave This Town," describing the difficulty of coming from a small town and making it big. "(My hometown) had one stop light, I had to pay for everything myself," he said. "I knew I’d have to leave to make something (of myself)."

The music of Lifehouse and Daughtry were perfect compliments to each other. As a testament to their compatability, Chris Daughtry and Jason Wade have even collaborated by writing the song "Long Way" together, performed by Daughtry at the show.

Daughtry, along with Lifehouse, will resume the tour through June 20. Daughtry will perform Wednesday May 12 on American Idol.

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