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Sacramento State Students Campaign for blood drive

In order to be successful in any profession, I believe you must have experience. Successful to me means you are knowledgeable and efficient enough in a certain area that you can be credible to outside sources. Here at Sacramento State University, I have gained knowledge as well as experience with Public Relations. The Spring 2010 blood drive has given me the opportunity to have hands-on experience as the acting PR for the organization BloodSource.
Coms158 is where my classmates and I began our campaign and changed lives all across our country. My classmates and I began our campaign with help from our Professor Jing Zhang. We assigned each other committee leaders and organized strategies in order to reach the community of Sacramento State as well as the community of Sacramento. These positions we all held were important to the campaign and allowed us to create our own Public Relations firm. The deadlines made me realize what it takes to be successful and how a real firm operates.
Not everyday are students given the chance to work in their desired profession before they graduate; however, in Coms158 my classmates and I were given this opportunity and we all took off with it. Although, I was not able to be a committee leader, I was still able to recognize how much work and effort these leaders put into the campaign in order to increase the number of donors for BloodSource. I feel lucky enough that I was a part of this blood drive and if given the opportunity again, I would be more than happy to be involved. Now when I graduate, I will feel more comfortable and credible for a starting position in PR because I was able to gain some experience that will prepare me for the profession of Public Relations.

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