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Lite Brite shows shine

The crowd’s ears were ringing, which only made them crave more. The cheers were so loud you’d never have guessed there were only about 40 people in the room. Don’t let the number fool you; the rock was just as big as ever. The crowd at Old Ironsides was kicking off Sacramento’s own rock/power pop/indie group Lite Brite’s nine-day tour, its second. Their last tour, Lite Brite headed up north to Seattle. This time, the band will accompany Musical Charis, an experimental/pop/indie band, to San Diego on its "One Way Ticket to Texas" tour.

Providing a sound that has been influenced by many groups, including Radiohead and Led Zeppelin, Lite Brite captivates the audience. The three members have been friends since elementary school. Eddie Underwood, 23, carries the lead vocals as well as guitar while his brother Matt Underwood, 22, lays down a mean percussion. Robert Lander, 23, holds a strong bass line that ties the band together.

The group, which has been around since 2006, has released one album and has enough material for two. Most of the songs that were played during Thursday’s set can also be found on their album. They are about to release two new tracks that will be available for free download on their website.

Pets, which is at work recording an album, opened Thursday’s show and got the energy flowing. Maybe people had loosened up a bit or knew more of the songs, but as soon as Lite Brite took the stage, their head bobbing became borderline moshing.

Eddie Underwood opened the group’s set by saying, "We wrote this song a couple hours ago."

No sooner had the first song started than E. Underwood’s guitar strap broke. It happened again halfway through the set. Lander knocked over his mic stand. Yet, they didn’t seem to sweat the small stuff and still rocked out hard. A playlist that included "Glad to Have Known Ya," "Moonbeam" and "Shine On" kept everyone guessing what to expect next. What’s certain is that these three musicians enjoy what they do and know how to have fun with it.

"The show tonight was awesome," Matt Underwood said, "and this tour will be better than the last because, let’s face it, this one’s super legit!"

Visit the band’s website at http://www.litebriteband.com.


Lite Brite is from L-R: Eddie Underwood, Matt Underwood, Robert Lander.

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