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Three sisters, One love

As our nation’s colors were presented in front of the fans at Arco Arena for the last time of the season on Monday, three young women made their way onto the court to sing the National Anthem. The three Petrel sisters: Destiny, Jessica and Rebekah make up the band.

The three sisters from Long Island have been playing together for the last few years, all of them offering something different.

Destiny, 18, plays guitar for the band, offering her rock style to the mix. Rebekah, 21, plays piano and drums, adding her soulful style to the band. Jessica, 23, is the lead singer and has been involved with performing arts in school, taking voice lessons at an early age.

The mixture of different styles offers a unique sound. They combine pop, rock and soul to make up the style that is Petrel.

“When it comes to writing a new song we do have to compromise,” Rebekah said.

“We all have different influences so when it comes to song writing we are different,” Jessica said.

Although they are a few years into their craft and seem to enjoy every second of it, music was not always their forte. Their mother was a huge New York Knicks fan, so they grew up big Knicks fans as well. Instead of having pop stars and rock stars on their walls, they had all-stars that were draped in Knicks orange and blue. They spent a lot of their younger years playing basketball with the boys.

Now they find themselves singing in front of basketball fans at the highest level.

They have traveled across the U.S, opening for Kidz Bop two summers ago. They also played at The House of Blues in Chicago as well as some larger stadiums across the U.S.

They have performed overseas, doing humanitarian work while performing in Haiti and Mexico. Before Christmas of last year, they went on a trip to Mexico that included a stop in Buena Vista. They gave over 500 children clothes and toys and were able to put on a show for the kids, putting smiles on the children’s faces in the process.

Petrel is one of the most recent additions to Maloof Music.

Petrel was playing at an amusement park in Long Island not far from home when a local news station picked up a story on the three of them. A scout for the Maloof’s saw this news bit and contacted them through MySpace. They responded to the message and the next thing they knew they were on their way out to Vegas to meet with the Maloofs.

After their short stop in Sacramento they are heading to Vancouver to get back in the studio for their next album. Recording new songs with multi-platinum producer Brian Howes, who has produced for bands like Hinder, Boys Like Girls and singer Taylor Swift.

Rebekah, Jessica and Destiny’s goals as of now are to get their music out in the hopes of finding the ears of people who can relate to their songs. They hope to inspire as many people they can with their music.

For more on Petrel, check out: http://www.myspace.com/petrelmusic

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