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Wild Bill Bailout

The cars parked at the California Stage on Thursday were marked with bumper stickers proclaiming peace and social change.

These people were there to see Dave Lippman perform as "Wild Bill Bailout, The Bard of the Bankers." Lippman played guitar and sang political satire songs for "Soapbox TV," a Sacramento-based progressive talk show that airs Monday at 8 p.m. on Channel 17, Access Sacramento.

Lippman, a Mira Loma High School graduate and Sacramento native since age 13 has been strumming his guitar and singing songs with a progressive and activist point since the times of the Vietnam War. He has done shows all over the United States, Europe and other places globally. He is actually no longer allowed in some Yugoslavian media because of his strong progressive message.

The show had the audience singing along, yelling out favorites and generally busting up laughing. Lippman opened as "Wild Bill Bailout," a character singing from the point of view of a wealthy investestment banker. He played the classics, "Teenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on Drugs," a folk song that places the blame for America’s problems, and "Can You Spare a Diamond?" a song about the woes of a banker receiving bailouts.

Between songs, Lippman showed his true understanding of the issues by cracking intellectual jokes and giving facts that shook the audience. Such as, "in the great book of the American Economy, I think we’re to about Chapter 11."

After intermission, Lippman came on stage as himself and performed songs from earlier in his career. While the mood of the show was light, the messages displayed were far more serious. Poverty, inequality and environmental disaster are some of the themes he addressed.

Lippman, a New Yorker of the last three years, hopes to continue helping inform people of these causes that so desparately need attention. While Dave Lippman is the first to realize the problems we are facing today, he also sees the progress that has been made.

"Young people today are doing more with computers than we ever could with guitars.," he said.

A strong supporter of grassroots organization, Lippman has worked with Dr. Jeanie Keltner, organizer of "Soapbox TV" on several other projects. Together, they hope to tackle some of America’s biggest problems, which Lippman recognizes as "ignorance and arrogance."

These people are truly valuable members of our society and hope to combine entertainment and education to make the world a better place.

If you’re interested in a new look at the real world that mixes good humor, quality music and unedited truth, check out Dave Lippman as Wild Bill Bailout at davelippman.com. Also, don’t forget to catch "Soapbox TV" Monday nights at 8 on Channel 17.


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