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Councilwoman Lauren Hammond outlines goals for the city

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Councilwoman Lauren Hammond has the local economy on her mind. Two of her top three goals for 2010 relate to jobs and business.

Hammond said her top goal for the year will be to seek passage of her initiative to give local companies an advantage over non-local companies when bidding for city contracts. Her other goal related to the economy is to save city jobs and services, which will be her third-highest priority of the year.

Hammond, who represents several neighborhoods including Curtis Park, Hollywood Park and Oak Park, is running for Assemblyman Dave Jones’ seat against her City Council colleague Kevin McCarty. Sacramento County Supervisor Roger Dickinson is also running for the seat.

Hammond’s proposal would provide bidding preferences on city contracts for businesses located in the city and county. Under her proposal, businesses located in the city would receive a 5 percent discount on their bids; those in the county would have a discount of 2.5 percent. She said her plan is expected to be discussed later this month at a meeting of the city’s Law and Legislation Committee.

Hammond, as well as councilmembers Sandy Sheedy, Robbie Waters and Kevin McCarty sit on the committee, which examines proposed ordinances. The committee will decide if Hammond’s proposal will be considered by the City Council.

Hammond said she’s making the proposal a priority “because our businesses here in Sacramento aren’t getting business from the city of Sacramento.”

“I just think that is patently unfair,” she said.

Asked if she thinks there are challenges to getting her proposal approved, Hammond said, “I’m sure. This is an election year.” She declined to elaborate.

Hammond said her second priority in 2010 will involve a controversial development proposal in Curtis Park. “I’d like a final resolution on the Curtis Park Village proposal,” she said. “And I don’t know what means: a project that’s completed, or a project that doesn’t get done.”

The Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association has frequently objected to the details of developer Paul Petrovich’s plan to build a residential and commercial project in the neighborhood.

The debate over the proposal has gone on for years, Hammond said. A second mediation process over the proposed development will begin soon, she said. “And my hope is, in the end, there will be a product that everyone can support.”

Hammond’s third goal will be to preserve city jobs and services in a harsh budget year. She noted that the city doesn’t have any more revenue than it did last year. “My goal this year is to keep as many jobs as we possibly can," she said, "which will maintain those programs and services that the citizens of Sacramento have grown accustomed to."

She said maintaining public safety will the top priority. “Well, of course, we have to look at public safety first, but all of the jobs in the city of Sacramento are important,” she said.

The Sacramento Press is publishing a series on the 2010 goals of city councilmembers. Read about Councilman Steve Cohn’s 2010 goals here.

Photos by Anthony Bento.

Kathleen Haley is a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press.

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