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Residents use new online tool in green waste debate

Several residents recently used the city website’s new “eComment” tool to weigh in on the issue of green waste pickup. The City Council is expected to consider in January whether to ask voters to use bins for green waste.

Sacramento voters decided in 1977 that the city could not establish the use of bins for green waste. If the city wants to enact bin use rules, it must ask voters to overturn the 1977 law, according to a Nov. 24 report from the Utilities Department.

More bin opponents are using the eComment tool than proponents. Only one of six recent comments is from a bin supporter. Here are three eComments on the green waste issue. Bakken and Goldberg’s comments have been shortened for clarity.

Stephen Bakken, supporter
“I also initiated a verbal comment today stating that I favor green waste bins over loose green waste picked up by the ‘Claw.’ This new e-comment option was mentioned so I thought I would try this out. I recommend that the City Council develop ballot language to repeal the ordinance enacted by voters in 1977 that [prevents] the City from requiring a switch to green waste bin collection.”

Brandie Humphreys, opponent
“If we are forced on containers? It will make sense to cut down our tree. Leaves are the only yard waste we have. We want to keep the claw in downtown.”

Jeremy Goldberg, opponent
“We are opposed to moving from pile pick up to mandatory bins. Our neighborhood features several large trees in excess of 20 ft tall. During the Fall we will simply not have enough space in a bin to fit all of our leaves.”

Photo by Geoff Samek.

Kathleen Haley is a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press.

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