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Sac State Tuition Increasing, Classes and Professors Decreasing

I am upset and I am tired. I am upset that my generation is complacent. I am upset that me and my fellow students so easily accept things going on in the world that are not right.  Well I do not want to be complacent anymore. I am tired of it. 

Alex Gonzalez Jr., son of Alexander Gonzalez Sr., President of Sac State, received a marketing position at Sac State making $83,000 annually. The marketing position would require Alex Jr. to promote "Destination 2010," a campaign to turn Sac State into a traditional campus rather than a commuter school. 

Now, to be fair to the Gonzalez, Alex Jr. may be very qualified for the position. The problem is that no other candidate was interviewed and the position was never posted publicly.


In regards to the salary, I have good news about this and bad. The good news is that Alex Jr. is not receiving a pay increase for his promotion. The bad news is that he isn’t receiving a pay increase because he was making the same salary as a Sac State fundraiser. I never realized fundraising was such a highly paid position. Isn’t that like raising money with the right hand to pay the left hand?

This semester Sac State tuition went up by about 30%. Increases are expected to happen again. Not only did tuition go up, but faculty have been laid off and Sac State now has "Furlough Fridays." The situation is outrageous really.

I can not accept paying $6.00 daily parking passes and 30% more tuition when my professors are being laid off and the ones still there are asked to take pay cuts. Classrooms are over filled to where there are no more desks and many classes are no longer available. 

How can I or any other Sac State student speak proudly of our Sac State degree and our school when ethics and integrity our questionable within the Administration?

What would our fore fathers have done if this happened to them? What would Rosa Parks do? What would Mario Savio say?

I propose that Sac State students and students across California speak loudly and say "NO MORE" or carry a really, really big stick. 





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