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Punishing the Weak?

It’s on days like this I think of being homeless, being in the pouring rain when all of your assets consist of a tent, some clothes and a bicycle. This is one thing I will never understand about Sacramento or any other place. Everyone “tries” so hard to save our planet, but there are over 2.000 homeless people in Sacramento County including children, what are we doing to help them? I believe a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, which doesn’t say much about our civilization if you think about it. We all have the same chance of losing our “secure” jobs and becoming homeless. How can we focus on the bigger problems when there is a problem we all see everyday, whether it’s driving down the street and seeing someone holding a cardboard sign or having your trash dug through for cans. The majority of homeless people in Sacramento are stereotyped as having some drug or alcohol habit and we chastise them for it. To be completely honest, if I lost my job and all of my security, I might start up a little habit to help myself cope with reality. We also chastise them for being on public property. THEY HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO GO!!! Where would you go during the day if you had no job, no money, no house, and were forced by police to pack your tent up? Who says that they don’t have the right to be on public property? People who make and fight for these laws against homelessness are obviously not homeless. What kind of society preys on the weak, and how strong do you think this society will hold up in times of war, need, or disaster? “We’re fighting an unfair law and the only way to do it is a revolution. That’s how our forefathers wound up in this country. They were fighting unfair laws “
(SOURCE: News 10 Sacramento)
Talking to a couple of young homeless people, I heard something I wouldn’t have even thought about before. “We’re doing what we can to fight people who think we’re just a bunch of drug addicts” I guess maybe our community doesn’t want to help out “addicts, or maybe they don’t want to face the fact that not all homeless people are drug addicts or alcoholics, and that anyone can end up in this position with a small strike of bad luck. I also talked with a young man who was 100% free of alcohol and drugs, but just lost his job due to the economy, “I feel like giving up, people stare at me and wonder how I got like this, I wonder that too sometimes” When I asked if he thought he would find a job soon, he looked at me with a tear in his eye, and said “I can only hope” .
I am so confused at why people in the community don’t stick together. When I ask myself this question, I end up with one answer: We’re all too involved with our own lives to look at the bigger picture and realize what’s going on outside of our bubbles. With enough effort, maybe we could one day have designated areas in our community with all of the necessities for people who struggle. I think that is the day we can be more proud of the people in our community.


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