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Christopher Walken impersonators delight audience at Guild Theater

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Last Saturday at the Guild Theater, a traveling acting troupe performed All About Walken, a 90-minute experiment that blended short-scripted sequences with audience participation and improvisation.

The performance, inspired by society’s fascination with Christopher Walken, included everything from Walken’s childhood to imagined performances of Walken in films such as The Lord of the Rings and The Wizard of Oz.

The seven-person cast included two female cast members, which tremendously enhanced the show.  One of the most hilarious moments occurred when a woman, in Walken’s famous deadpan voice, promoted a feminine hygiene product.  

Another highlight was when an actor impersonated Walken playing the shark in Jaws.  The iconic theme of the film was sung with Walken’s unique pitch and intonation, as the Walken-shark moved rhythmically toward his prey.

The show fluidly moved between sequences and was held together by recurring scenes of Walken in a New York taxicab driven by Robert DiNero. 

At several points, multiple Walkens occupied the stage.  Resembling the most hilariously surreal scenes of Being John Malkovich, they all watched themselves and, at times, interacted.  It was a treat to watch something so fun and bizarre unfold in live theater.

Although the show was delightful, the limits of its premise became apparent as the novelty faded. Video sequences such as ‘Gay Walken Marriage’ fell flat and the Walken Thriller dance, though fun, seemed oddly out of place.

The talented actors, however, kept the audience captivated and the beautiful Guild Theater provided a perfect venue for the creative performance.

Unfortunately, All About Walken does not have any future performances scheduled for the Sacramento area.  A similar show, All About Jack: The Impersonators of Jack Nicholson is playing in Los Angeles from Oct. 1-15 and in San Francisco on Oct. 10 and 11.


To read more about All About Walken, visit its website at www.myspace.com/allaboutwalken

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