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Strong mayor friends, foes react to committee’s report

Strong mayor friends, foes react to committee's report

The two opposing camps on the "strong mayor" initiative are remaining consistent in their views as they react to the Sacramento Charter Review Committee’s draft recommendations. 

The panel recommended Wednesday that the city maintain its existing City Council/city manager system of government rather than adopt a "strong mayor" system.  The initiative would expand the mayor’s job to include the responsibilities of the city manager. The strong mayor initiative will go before voters in June 2010.

Sacramentans for Accountable Government, the group that created the strong mayor initiative, opposes the 11-member committee’s draft recommendations. "Not surprisingly, the do-nothing Charter Commission did nothing,” said Tom Hiltachk, the attorney who drafted the initiative, which is supported by Mayor Kevin Johnson.

An opponent of the strong mayor initiative, SAVE Sacramento (Support Accountability, Voice, and Ethics in Sacramento), was pleased by the initial report. "SAVE Sacramento applauds the open, inclusive, and well-informed process of the Charter Review Commission," said SAVE founder, Sacramento attorney Anna Molander. "These recommendations were made through public deliberation by a diverse group of Sacramentans – not written in secret by an ultraconservative lawyer and paid for by rich, out-of-town developers.” 

The group opposes the strong mayor initiative. 

Photo: Anthony Bento

Kathleen Haley is a staff reporter for The Sacramento Press.

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